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Licensing Policy

Copyright Overview

The goal of the Arizona State University Digital Repository is to make our collections as widely available as possible for non-commercial use. The Digital Repository includes both public domain materials and copyrighted works. Copyrighted works are included when the University holds the copyright or has permission to use the work, or when the use fits within fair use or another exemption specified in the copyright law. The conditions of use for the end user may vary, depending on the copyright license statement chosen by the copyright owner.


  1. Copyright owners retain copyright over items deposited in the ASU Digital Repository. The ASU Digital Repository does not seek or claim copyright on any deposited works, nor does it seek revenue from deposited works.
  2. Copyright owners will grant non-exclusive rights to the ASU Digital Repository to reproduce and/or distribute the submission (including the metadata and abstract) worldwide, in any format or medium for non-commercial, academic purposes only.
  3. Copyright owners will grant the ASU Digital Repository the non-exclusive right to migrate the submission, without changing the content, to any medium or format, and keep more than one copy of the work for purposes of security, back up and preservation.
  4. The author has the option to request an embargo period during which the content of the item will not be publicly viewable.
  5. When submitting a work to the ASU Digital Repository, submitters will be asked to warrant:
    1. They are either the copyright owner of the work, or they have permission from the copyright owner(s) to submit the work.
    2. The work does not infringe any copyright, patent, or trade secrets of any third party, and does not contain any libelous matter, nor invade the privacy of any person or third party.
    3. The work has not been sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of, and is free from all exclusive claims.
  6. Copyright owners will have the option to append a copyright license statement, such as Creative Commons Licenses, to their work to make explicit permitted uses.