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2000 2018
Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Murray, Christopher William, Wilson-Rawls, Jeanne, Carpten, John, et al.
Description: Multiple myeloma is a genetically heterogeneous disease, which can be divided into several genetic subtypes based upon gene expression profiles and chromosomal abnormalities. Unlike older techniques employed in myeloma research, such as cytogenetics, FISH, and microarray technologies, RNA sequencing offers a unique approach to examine the aforementioned genetic characteristics in that it allows for gene expression profiling and the detection of novel fusion transcripts arising from chromosomal rearrangements. This study utilized RNA sequencing to analyze the transcriptomes of 84 multiple myeloma patients and 69 human myeloma cell lines. FCHSD2 was found to be involved in five novel fusion events along ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Arregoces, Christina Marie, McNally, T.M., Ellis, Lawrence
Description: Both “After Annie” and “When It All Happens, The End, And She’s in Her Forties” focus on evolving familial relationships characterized by both love and loss. Though told in different styles, different voices, different tenses, both stories triumph the power of memory in relation to love while simultaneously emphasizing the trauma and long-lasting effects of loss. With one, through the relationship between grandfather and granddaughter and the other, through a daughter’s loss of her mother, both stories converge at the intersection of duty and the need for flight (and perhaps self preservation). “After Annie” and “When It All Happens, The ...

Created Date: 2013-03
Contributors: Burke, Joy, Facinelli, Diane, Ostrom, Amy
Description: Executive Summary Finding Joy in the Journey is a sports philanthropy project I have designed to connect the Arizona State University Women's Basketball team with girls between the ages of 7-12 in the Phoenix community who have the same love for the game basketball. Through monthly team bonding events over a nine-month season, these young girls are able to build long lasting relationships with their role models and learn how to find the joy in the journey. Finding joy in the journey is key in our fast paced and on the go American lifestyle. The successes and bumps in the ...

Created Date: 2013-12
Contributors: Wells, Jordan Rebecca, Aiken, Leona, Glenberg, Arthur, et al.
Description: One of the nation’s most pressing health related issues is that of healthy diet and proper nutrition. Because much research has shown that many Americans are in poor health or are at risk to become so due to poor diet and nutrition, understanding the psychological factors of a healthy diet or lack thereof is of the utmost importance. In order to understand the adoption and maintenance of health related behaviors, the link between intentions and behaviors must be evaluated. Of current health behavior models, the model utilized in this study was the Health Action Process Approach model (HAPA), which addressed ...

Created Date: 2013-12
Contributors: Ong, Thai Quang, Corbin, William, Glenberg, Arthur, et al.
Description: Recent research on alcohol use among LGB young adults indicates that sexual minority youth are at increased risk relative to their heterosexual peers. One possible contributing factor is that religiosity fails to provide the significant protection for LGB youth that it has been demonstrated to provide in general population samples. Although recent studies provide some support for this hypothesis, there is little research seeking to understand the reasons that religiosity may fail to protect against heavy drinking among LGB youth. The current study attempted to address this gap by examining relations among religiosity, age of self-identification, and alcohol use in ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Simperova, Anna Marie, Al-Nakkash, Layla, Ricklefs, Kristin, et al.
Description: Morbid obesity is associated with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. A major contributor to the pathogenesis of these diseases is impaired vasodilation resulting from elevated reactive oxygen species (ROS). This is because certain ROS such as superoxide are raised with obesity and scavenge the endogenous vasorelaxant nitric oxide, resulting in hypertension. The objective of this study was to measure the ability of genistein to quench superoxide in the vasculature of ob/ob mice, an animal model of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Genistein is an isoflavonic phytoestrogen naturally found in soy products. While genistein has documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Andersen, Kelly Carina, Lodato, Mark, Brown, Aaron
Description: In 2014, we are seeing change on social issues such as same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization at a rate that is visibly faster than major social issues of the past. Statistics show that these issues are fan-favorites with the millennial generation, while also showing that this same group overwhelmingly dominates popular online platforms, a major tool that social issues of the past lacked. This study aims to examine whether or not there is a correlation between the online presence of millennials, the coverage by the media, and the policy-making decisions by legislators. With that idea in mind, perhaps we can ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Ober-Reynolds, Benjamin John, LaBaer, Joshua, Borges, Chad
Description: Protein AMPylation is a recently discovered and relatively unstudied post-translational modification (PTM). AMPylation has previously been shown to play an important role in metabolic regulation and host pathogenesis in bacteria, but the recent identification of potential AMPylators across many species in every domain of life has supported the possibility that AMPylation could be a more fundamental and physiologically significant regulatory PTM. For the first time, we characterized the auto-AMPylation capability of the human protein SOS1 through in vitro AMPylation experiments using full-length protein and whole-domain truncation mutants. We found that SOS1 can become AMPylated at a tyrosine residue possibly within ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Talken, Lucas Warren, Stephen, Pratt, Sasaki, Takao, et al.
Description: Evolutionary theory predicts that animal behavior is generally governed by decision rules (heuristics) which adhere to ecological rationality: the tendency to make decisions that maximize fitness in most situations the animal encounters. However, the particular heuristics used by ant colonies of the genus Temnothorax and their propensity towards ecological rationality are up for debate. These ants are adept at choosing a nest site, making a collective decision based on complex interactions between the many individual choices made by workers. Colonies will migrate between nests either upon the destruction of their current home or the discovery of a sufficiently superior nest. ...

Created Date: 2014-05
Contributors: Oechsner, Meredith Leigh, Montoya, Detra, Ostrom, Amy, et al.
Description: Advertising to the Millennial Generation is an honors thesis project that combines research with a creative application. The thesis is broken into three main sections: a literature review of the Millennial Generation, three case studies identifying brands or advertising campaigns that have successfully reached Generation Y, and the application of these findings to an advertising campaign with additional marketing mix elements for Bose headphones. Before creating a campaign targeting Millennials, this thesis first identifies which consumers belong in the Millennial demographic. The definition given looks beyond the ‘age 18-34’ demographic information and analyzes the generation’s unique characteristics, their feelings of ...

Barrett, the Honors College accepts high performing, academically engaged students and works with them in collaboration with all of the other academic units at Arizona State University. All Barrett students complete a thesis or creative project, supervised and defended in front of a faculty committee. The thesis or creative project allows students to explore an intellectual interest and produce an original piece of scholarly research. The thesis or creative project is a student’s opportunity to explore areas of academic interest with greater intensity than is possible in a single course. It is also an opportunity to engage with professors, nationally recognized in their fields and specifically interested and committed to working with honors students. This work provides tangible evidence of a student’s research, writing and creative skills to graduate schools and/or prospective employers.