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Barrett, The Honors College Thesis/Creative Project Collection

Barrett, the Honors College accepts high performing, academically engaged students and works with them in collaboration with all of the other academic units at Arizona State University. All Barrett students complete a thesis or creative project, supervised and defended in front of a faculty committee. The thesis or creative project allows students to explore an intellectual interest and produce an original piece of scholarly research. The thesis or creative project is a student’s opportunity to explore areas of academic interest with greater intensity than is possible in a single course. It is also an opportunity to engage with professors, nationally recognized in their fields and specifically interested and committed to working with honors students. This work provides tangible evidence of a student’s research, writing and creative skills to graduate schools and/or prospective employers.

This work aims to give the general public a unique insight into French urban culture through my experience while living and filming a personal documentary in Lyon, France. The goal of the project is to examine and consequently describe what this culture consists of while comparing and contrasting it to our own urban culture. The work depicts the creators and performers of the culture as well as its audience, which differs from our own here in the U.S in part thanks to France’s efficient public transportation system, used by people from every social class. Immersing myself in this fascinating world ...

Gradilla, Cesar Uriel, Bahtchevanova, Mariana, Chabaud, Aurélie, et al.
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