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Barrett, The Honors College Thesis/Creative Project Collection

Date Range
2000 2018

Conventional functional assays (FAs), which are used to describe the behaviors and assess the impacts of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), have extensive human factor related errors (i.e. extraction process errors due to human laboratory skills), and consume considerable amounts of laboratory material. Consequently, there is a need and opportunity to improve conventional FAs by minimizing the potential for human factor related errors, reducing the usage of ENMs and reagents, and increase experimental reproducibility. The goal of this study was to simplify the conventional FAs and evaluate the feasibility and reproducibility of the simplified FAs. The underlying hypothesis implies that simplified FAs ...

Chen, Zhihao, Hristovski, Kiril, Kidd, Justin, et al.

Bexarotene is a commercially produced drug commonly known as Targetin presecribed to treat cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). Bex mimics the actions of natural 9-cis retinoic acid in the body, which are derived from Vitamin A in the diet and boost the immune system. Bex has been shown to be effective in the treatment of multiple types of cancer, including lung cancer. However, the disadvantages of using Bex include increased instances of hypothyroidism and excessive concentrations of blood triglycerides. If an analog of Bex can be developed which retains high affinity RXR binding similar to the 9-cis retinoic acid while exhibiting ...

Yang, Joanna, Jurutka, Peter, Wagner, Carl, et al.

The challenge of healthcare delivery has attracted widespread attention since the report published by the World Health Organization in 2000, ranking the US 37th in overall health systems performance among 191 Member States. In addition, Davis et al. (2007) demonstrated that healthcare costs in the US were higher than all other countries, despite the fact that care was not the better than all other countries. The growing population in the US, combined with continued medical advances, has increased the demand for quality healthcare services. With this growth, however, comes the challenge of managing rising costs and maintaining efficient operations while ...

Xu, Chuan, Wu, Teresa, Shunk, Dan, et al.

Our thesis project aims to evaluate a major semiconductor company’s (The Company) substrate supplier strategy in order to find the ideal number of suppliers that minimizes fixed cost and supplier power. With The Company spending roughly $2.2 billion annually on substrates, supplier strategy has a significant impact on their costs. As a general rule in micro processing, the circuitry of the processor becomes twice as dense every two years. The substrate, being the pathway through which the process or with the motherboard, must become more advanced as well, although the technology does not grow at nearly the same speed. Leading ...

Wright, Brian, Hertzel, Michael, Simonson, Mark, et al.

This thesis explores three predominant theories of language in cultures, considering them with the use of multilingual automated phone systems. It presents an analysis of Internet based (primarily through blogposts) reviews of such systems. As these reviews are insufficient to form a conclusion as to how the public sees such systems, this thesis also presents an original study of 90 participants, which assesses both the functional difference between English only and multilingual systems, as well as respondents’ personal ethical (as defined by participants themselves) beliefs as to the necessity of such multilingual automated systems. The study’s primary hypotheses assert that ...

Rupp, Garrett Adam, Koretz, Lora, Kalika, Dale, et al.

Semiconductor wafers are analyzed and their total surface energy γT is measured in three components according to the van Oss theory: (1) γLW, surface energy due to Lifshitz-van der Waals forces or dipole interactions, (2) γ+, surface energy due to interactions with electron donors, and (3) γ–, surface energy due to interactions with electron acceptors. Surface energy is measured via Three Liquid Contact Angle Analysis (3LCAA), a method of contact angle measurement using the sessile drop technique and three liquids: water, glycerin, and α-bromonaphthalene. This research optimizes the experimental methods of 3LCAA, proving that the technique produces reproducible measurements for ...

Davis, Ender, Herbots, Nicole, Culbertson, Robert, et al.

Succinylcholine-induced apnea is a common problem in pre-hospital medicine that affects 1/1800 patients who undergo rapid sequence intubation. Succinylcholine is an anesthetic that mimics the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. It binds to cholinergic receptors, blocking acetylcholine access, and causes paralysis for (normally) only a short time. Butyrylcholinesterase, which is responsible for succinylcholine hydrolysis, is deficient in a small percentage of the population. Previous studies have shown that wild-type butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) can be produced in transient-expression Nicotiana benthamiana, and can reverse the effects of succinylcholine induced apnea through enzyme replacement therapy. The wild type enzyme is also capable of irreversibly binding and inactivating ...

Scott, Boston, Mor, Tsafrir, Mason, Hugh, et al.

For more than a decade, Phoenix has spent a considerable amount of time and money on revitalizing its downtown area. The opening of the ASU Downtown campus, the construction of a 20-mile light rail line and the area’s numerous conventions and sporting events all have drawn people to downtown. But the local media have not significantly increased their coverage of the issues that are important to downtown residents — at least not enough to match the growth of the downtown community. The Arizona Republic covers the Valley as a whole, often focusing on the region’s suburbs; The State Press, ASU’s ...

Fitzpatrick, John, Barrett, The Honors College

In this paper we explore the design, implementation, and analysis of two different approaches for providing music recommendations to targeted users by implementing the Gram-ART unsupervised learning algorithm. We provide a content filtering approach using a dataset of one million songs which include various metadata tags and a collaborative filtering approach using the listening histories of over one million users. The two methods are evaluated by their results from Million Song Dataset Challenge. While both placed near the top third of the 150 challenge participants, the knowledge gained from the experiments will help further refine the process and likely produced ...

Meiss, Trevor, Meuth, Ryan, Miller, Phill, et al.

Life and Sports is a collection of short stories about how sports shape the daily lives and outlooks of four main characters. In “Like Father, Like Son,” Carson learns the ins and outs of the game of golf from his father, Frank, but is shocked to learn that his dad won some of his trophies by cheating. Carson has always firmly believed in fair, competitive play – a lesson he thought he had learned from his father. Now, with a big tournament coming up, Carson is forced to face the unpleasant truth that his father is not the upright idol ...

Pritchard, Casey, Barrett, The Honors College

Barrett, the Honors College accepts high performing, academically engaged students and works with them in collaboration with all of the other academic units at Arizona State University. All Barrett students complete a thesis or creative project, supervised and defended in front of a faculty committee. The thesis or creative project allows students to explore an intellectual interest and produce an original piece of scholarly research. The thesis or creative project is a student’s opportunity to explore areas of academic interest with greater intensity than is possible in a single course. It is also an opportunity to engage with professors, nationally recognized in their fields and specifically interested and committed to working with honors students. This work provides tangible evidence of a student’s research, writing and creative skills to graduate schools and/or prospective employers.