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Barrett, The Honors College Thesis/Creative Project Collection

Barrett, the Honors College accepts high performing, academically engaged students and works with them in collaboration with all of the other academic units at Arizona State University. All Barrett students complete a thesis or creative project, supervised and defended in front of a faculty committee. The thesis or creative project allows students to explore an intellectual interest and produce an original piece of scholarly research. The thesis or creative project is a student’s opportunity to explore areas of academic interest with greater intensity than is possible in a single course. It is also an opportunity to engage with professors, nationally recognized in their fields and specifically interested and committed to working with honors students. This work provides tangible evidence of a student’s research, writing and creative skills to graduate schools and/or prospective employers.

Date Range
2000 2018

The story of Moneyball is an informative tale. It is the true story of the Oakland Athletics baseball team in the 2002 season who managed to not only compete with teams who had nearly three times the payroll size and all the star players, but also won an American League record 20 games in a row. Their manager, Billy Beane, was able to achieve this by using sabermetrics, a newly invented term that describes the advanced statistics and metrics used to judge a player’s contribution to the success of the team over traditional statistics and gut feeling, to draft and ...

Kent, Austin, Kashiwagi, Dean, Kashiwagi, Jacob, et al.

In this paper we explore the design, implementation, and analysis of two different approaches for providing music recommendations to targeted users by implementing the Gram-ART unsupervised learning algorithm. We provide a content filtering approach using a dataset of one million songs which include various metadata tags and a collaborative filtering approach using the listening histories of over one million users. The two methods are evaluated by their results from Million Song Dataset Challenge. While both placed near the top third of the 150 challenge participants, the knowledge gained from the experiments will help further refine the process and likely produced ...

Meiss, Trevor, Meuth, Ryan, Miller, Phill, et al.

Life and Sports is a collection of short stories about how sports shape the daily lives and outlooks of four main characters. In “Like Father, Like Son,” Carson learns the ins and outs of the game of golf from his father, Frank, but is shocked to learn that his dad won some of his trophies by cheating. Carson has always firmly believed in fair, competitive play – a lesson he thought he had learned from his father. Now, with a big tournament coming up, Carson is forced to face the unpleasant truth that his father is not the upright idol ...

Pritchard, Casey, Barrett, The Honors College

Dead Letter Office is an experiment in story-telling through computer animation; investigating world-building through nineteenth-century Victorian culture infused with the folklore of White Socks and set in a fictional city. This manuscript documents the output-oriented approach behind the creative project and is divided into two parts: conceptual development and technical execution. The first half will talk about the world in with Dead Letter Office takes place, the evolution of the storyline, and how it draws from its historical influences. The second half will be a breakdown of process and assumes a basic knowledge of Atodesk Maya 2012, placing stronger emphasis ...

Yau, Patty, Magenta, Muriel, Messinger, Ellen, et al.

The theory of diffusion of responsibility has for years sparked social and psychological scientists’ interest. Interest in why it occurs and in what contexts, have sparked a great deal of investigation over a broad range of assumptions. Various researchers support ideas behind gender differences, racial disparities, internal ideation of bystanders, and settings among which helping behavior is more or less likely to occur. Strong correlation between variables has shed light on this phenomenon, offering significant support behind it. The significance of this phenomenon is evident in that life and death could potentially be of consequence; therefore, one would believe that ...

Ybarra, Stephanie, Fey, Richard, Bodman, Denise, et al.

Platelets are specialized blood cells that play crucial role in normal physiologic and pathologic processes such as hemostasis, inflammation, wound healing, and host defense. Activation of platelets is essential for platelet function and it includes a complex interplay of adhesion and intracellular signaling molecules. Platelets are known to be activated during vessel injury by a complex interaction of soluble agonists and once activated, they adhere to sub-endothelial matrix to aggregate and secrete granules leading to the formation of platelet aggregate that is necessary for thrombus formation. Platelet integrin plays a central role in platelet adhesive reactions by serving as a ...

Yantas, Alexa Susan, Ugarova, Tatiana, Podolnikova, Nataly, et al.

A 1969 report identified South Phoenix as a community that simply needed to “strengthen residential identity” (City of Phoenix), but the decades of blight and decline that followed led to the eventual adoption of the South Phoenix Village Redevelopment Area Plan in 1989. The plan recognized that twelve block area five miles southeast of the heart of Phoenix needed comprehensive revitalization. Many of the programs implemented by the City over the 20 years have been successful, but the plan has not been reevaluated in more than a decade. This research seeks to compile information as a proxy for an update ...

Aagard, Sarah, Dantico, Marilyn, Lewis, Paul, et al.

This is a study of the adaptive behaviors of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder using the Vineland II Adaptive Behavioral Scale (VABS-II). This scale was used to determine the overall functioning level of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the beginning, and will be used at the end, of a year-long study beginning at Arizona State University. This larger study is determining what the effects are, if any, of a combination of nutritional and dietary treatments in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, this paper only examines the VABS-II results of forty-three participants in the study, as well as their ...

Adams, Rebecca, Ingram-Waters, Mary, Krajmalnik-Brown, Rosa, et al.

Customized online education is a means of educating a large amount of users in a way that will change their behavior at a low incremental cost to the one providing the information. This thesis will examine several aspects of online education, but primarily focus on the presentation of the materials. It will examine how this is done through a consulting project I worked on in conjunction with the New Venture Group for Parenting Arizona. Parenting Arizona is a non-profit organization based in Arizona that offers classes for parents who are seeking better ways to manage their family responsibilities. The purpose ...

Anderson, Kyle, Brooks, Dan, Forss, Brennan, et al.

For the average person, the criminal justice system can be a bureaucratic and confusing process. It is for exactly these reasons, many defendants will choose to spend exorbitant amounts of money to prove their innocence or hide their guilt. Therefore, when thinking from an economic perspective, one begins to wonder whether or not the vast amounts of money allocated to building a legal defense, actually have statistical impact on the outcome of the sentence. Or, if perhaps it is the characteristics of the defendant, the case, or the judge that truly account for the determination of the final verdict.

Andrews, Dane, McDowell, John, Roberts, Nancy, et al.