General Course Catalogs, Arizona State University, 1887-Present

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Created Date: 1948

Created Date: 1886

Created Date: 1888

Created Date: 1889

Created Date: 1890

Created Date: 1891

Created Date: 1892

Created Date: 1896

Created Date: 1947

Created Date: 1949

A collection of all available ASU General Catalog editions from 1887 to present. General Catalogs were published in two-year compilations from 1955-1987 and again from 1994-1998. The 1992-1993 edition was accompanied by a 1993-1994 "supplement", so no 1993-1994 edition was produced.The following editions were either not produced or are unavailable at this time: 1887-1888, 1895-1896, 1914-1915, 1929-1930, 1943-1944.

The ASU General Catalog was produced in database form starting in 2007-2008. The 2007-2008 edition course descriptions are not available. Subsequent editions feature an Academic Catalog file and a Course Catalog Archive file. The Academic Catalog file includes college and department policies, graduation requirements and major maps. The Course Catalog Archive file presents actual course descriptions.

The current ASU General Course Catalog, presented as a database is available at:

The text within each PDF file is searchable. Small fonts and poor print quality in original hardcopy resulted in some text recognition errors. Many catalogs have been subdivided to create smaller files for delivery.

New editions are added as they are transferred to University Archives by The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University.