J. Howard Pyle Radio Broadcasts, 1944-1952

A collection of thirty seven brief interviews and news stories primarily regarding actions of the United States military in the Philippines during World War II.

Interviewees include General Douglas MacArthur and Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger and radio personalities Fred MacPherson, Frank McCall, Ben Grauer and Mucio Delgado. Hometowner programs include interviews with several soldiers, nurses and WACS from Arizona serving in the vicinity of Manila and Luzon. Pyle's 1952 Republican National Convention speech "What is Right For America?" is presented, along with coverage of the 1945 United Nations conference in San Francisco. Pyle's coverage of the General Yamashita surrender ceremony of September 1945 may be the only such audio recording in existence. Detailed descriptions of each recording are also included.

The collection of interviews were digitized from vinyl audio transcription discs in 2010-2011 and 2015 with the support of the Luhrs Family Endowment. These recordings are a part of the Howard Pyle Collection described at Arizona Archives Online.

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Created Date: 2012-09-30
Description: Index of individuals interviewed by Pyle with track numbers.

Created Date: 2011
Description: Descriptions of each broadcast by track number, from notes compiled by Arizona Collection Curator Robert Spindler.

Created Date: 1945
Description: Interview with PFC Arnufo Detraillo, of Tucson. Speaks segment in Spanish.

Created Date: 1945-08-04
Description: Interviews with Manuel Marino Caballeros of Patagonia; Lt. John P. Diaz of Phoenix (1942 ASC graduate); Pyle summarizes and wraps up the 158th Infantry series. Broadcast #9, 158th Regimental Combat Team series.

Created Date: 1944
Description: Commentary on US military and naval strategy.

Created Date: 1945-07-13
Description: Address by General Douglas MacArthur at the Special Session of the 1st Congress of the Philippines, Part II. Wrap up by Pyle.

Created Date: 1945
Description: “Broadcast #3 in new series for KTAR”. Interviews with soldiers from 32nd Division” at Luzon, Philippines: James Burchett, Eloy AZ; Faustino Estrada, Williams AZ; Billy J. Hill, Miami AZ; Homer Cummings, Jerome AZ.

Created Date: 1945-04-29
Description: Interviews with: Mucio Delgado* re: conference proceedings and Argentinian representation. Arizonans and Argentine trade relations and beef imports.

Created Date: 1951
Description: Governor Pyle, Rev. T. Amphile (sp?) Buckeye AZ, Rev. Kenneth Poray (sp?), Pastor at Grand Canyon, Music of the Shrine of the Ages Boys Choir, Arizona State College Flagstaff. KTAR broadcast.