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Created Date: 2014-11-12
Contributors: Humphreys, Alexandra, Pfander, Jeanne, Situ, Ping, et al.
Description: Poster about meeting the academic and cultural needs of international students at the Arizona State University Libraries and the University of Arizona Libraries. The poster presentation focuses on: (1) strategies to promote information literacy skills of international students in the two university libraries, (2) what the libraries are doing to improve services to meet the needs and encourage library use among international students; and (3) partnerships that have been established with other academic departments or institutions.

Created Date: 2013
Contributors: Humphreys, Alexandra, Humphreys, Jere, Arizona State University. ASU Library, et al.
Description: Readability formulas are used widely in education, and increasingly in business and government. Over 30 years of research on more than 200 readability formulas has demonstrated moderate to strong predictive correlations with reading comprehension. In this study, five well-known readability formulas correlated highly with each other when applied to selected recent historical articles (N = 22) from two music education research journals. The mean level of difficulty (readability) for all 22 articles was grade 14.04, near the beginning of the second year of college. Since research shows that most people read below their highest completed school grade and also prefer ...

Created Date: 2013-04-10
Contributors: Humphreys, Alexandra, Pannabecker, Virginia, Arizona State University. ASU Library
Description: A poster presentation on resources and strategies from Arizona State University Libraries to encourage understanding of and participation in Open Access practices, including promotional materials (flyers, library guides, videos, and more) and persuasive talking points.