Chicano/a Research Collection Films and Videos

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Description: Contains silent film footage of the city and residents, circa 1970's. Guadalupe, Arizona was incorporated as a town in 1975.

Created Date: 1976
Contributors: Flores, Pedro
Description: A corrido written about the 1976 Hanigan Case in Arizona. Performed by Pedro Flores Con Los Hermanos Prado. Original 45 RPM Vinyl Record can be found in the Antonio D. Bustamante Papers.

Created Date: 1971
Contributors: Lewis, Jon
Description: A black and white documentary film depicting United Farm Workers activists in California and featuring photographs of Jon Lewis. Photographs and speeches of Cesar Chavez are presented.

Created Date: 1985
Contributors: Lancaster, Carol, Chavez, Gus, McGrew, Gustavo, et al.
Description: This three part program traces the Chicano heritage and influence in the pioneering of Arizona's first settlements, highlighting the Mexican contribution to the economic development of the territory as well as the racial conflicts they experienced with the arrival of the Anglo-American in the area. Part I: The Pioneer (1750's-1890's) Part II: The Struggle (1900's-1930's) Part III: The Reform (1940's-1950's)

Contributors: 3Play Media
Description: 3 motion picture films produced for Reveles Congressional Campaign in 1972. Audio Transcription of Reveles 1 campaign film

Created Date: 1969
Description: Developed in cooperation with the Southwest Council of La Raza in 1969, this four-part curriculum set was used by teachers to educate students about Mexican American history. Each set contains vinyl records, rolls of filmstrips, and teacher manuals with lesson plans and bibliographies. Only Parts I & IV have been digitized. The original set can be found in the Martha Mitten Collection (Accession #1995-1491). Part I: The Mexican Heritage. This part focuses on Aztec history and the indigenous roots of Mexico. It also discusses the colonization of Mexico by the Spanish. Box contains 3 vinyl records and 6 rolls of ...

The Chicano/a Research Collection Films and Videos Collection archives motion pictures and video productions selected from the Chicano/a Research Collection. Media is added as permissions are secured, and resources for digitization become available.