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Exclusive neutral-pion electroproduction (ep → e[superscript ′]p[superscript ′]π[superscript 0]) was measured at Jefferson Lab with a 5.75-GeV electron beam and the CLAS detector. Differential cross sections d[superscript 4]σ/dtdQ[superscript 2]dx[subscript B]dϕ[subscript π] and structure functions σ[subscript T] + εσ[subscript L], σ[subscript TT], and σ[subscript LT] as functions of t were obtained over a wide range of Q[superscript 2] and x[subscript B]. The data are compared with Regge and handbag theoretical calculations. Analyses in both frameworks find that a large dominance of transverse processes is necessary to explain the experimental results. For the Regge analysis it is found that the inclusion of ...

Bedlinskiy, I., Kubarovsky, V., Niccolai, S., et al.
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