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This growing collection, which contains many open access articles, consists of scholarly works authored by ASU community members. ASU-affiliated authors, who wish to deposit scholarly works, please use the Deposit form to describe your work.

Mexicans and Mexican Americans have resided in Arizona since the early 16th century. Their history, however, is severely under-documented in the state’s archival repositories. As of 2012, this community is represented in a mere 1-2% of the state’s known archival holdings, and 98% of such documentation is held at Arizona State University’s Chicano/a Research Collection (CRC). This article provides a historical review of the CRC’s establishment in 1970 and how its founding Curator, Dr. Christine Marín, transformed a small circulating book collection into Arizona’s largest repository for Mexican American history. It goes on to examine how the CRC’s sitting Archivist ...

Godoy-Powell, Nancy L., Dunham, Elizabeth G.
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