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Created Date: 2014-07-03
Contributors: Spindler, Robert
Description: A list of visits to Arizona State University by past, sitting and future US Presidents. Includes date of appearance, event title and location. Compiled by University Archives from archival sources and current events.

Created Date: 1960
Contributors: Thomas, Alfred
Description: The text of citations justifying the honorary degrees awarded to specific recipients, 1940-1960.

Contributors: Thomas, Alfred
Description: Detailed descriptions of individual items in the Agnes Smedley Collection, compiled by founding University Archivist Alfred Thomas.

Contributors: Thomas, Alfred, Olive, Michael, Humbert, Raymie
Description: Three files presenting basic characteristics of campus buildings including date of construction, groundbreaking or dedication, architect, contractor, square footage and cost from 1886-2014. The Documentary History file compiled by founding University Archivist Alfred Thomas covers buildings completed from 1886-1960, the order of buildings described in this file is capricious. The Olive Survey compiled by ASU Barrett Honors College student Michael Olive covers buildings completed from 1961-2007, presented in alphabetical order by building name. The Survey for buildings at the Polytechnic, West and Downtown campuses was completed by Barrett Honors College student Raymie Humbert in 2014. This building data is presented ...

Created Date: 2011
Contributors: Terrill, Marshall, Crow, Michael, Reiter, Wellington
Description: An ebook describing the planning and early implementaiton of the ASU Downtown campus in Phoenix. Foreword by ASU President Michael M. Crow. Introduction by Wellington “Duke” Reiter

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Description: Photographs and documents regarding the Arizona Territorial Football League Championship Cup awarded to the 1899-1900 Tempe Normal School football team after they defeated the University of Arizona and went on to win the league championship. Also included is a humorous video produced by ASU Media Relations documenting the University Archivist's November 2012 trip to the University of Arizona to return the Territorial Cup® to ASU.

Created Date: 2013
Contributors: Spindler, Robert, Porter-Brace, Karrie
Description: An ibook compiled from texts and photographs produced for the exhibit Selling Sunshine: ASU Solar Energy Research 1951-1980.

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Description: Maps depicting the ASU Tempe campus selected from the ASU General Catalog and the University Archives Ephemera Collection. The plat map (UM MSS-98) represents campus land acquisitions from 1885-1935.

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Created Date: 2016-01-05
Contributors: Spindler, Robert
Description: Notes compiled by the University Archivist in preparation for publicity surrounding the planned replacement of the palm trees on Palm Walk. Includes 1919 Tempe campus aerial photograph possibly depicting seedlings.

Created Date: 2015-03-06
Contributors: Spindler, Robert
Description: A compilation of official statistics documenting the total number of graduates from Arizona State University from the first class of 1886 to 1969. Subsequent data can be acquired from ASU Institutional Analysis

Electronic publications from the Archives collections including detailed or specialized guides to archival collections and digitized compilations of university data from hardcopy sources.