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Arizona State and Local Government Documents Collection

Date Range
1971 2019

A ten-year, financially balanced plan for addressing Peoria's present and future infrastructure needs; updated each year. The first year of the program is appropriated by the City Council as a capital budget, while the other nine years of the program are used for planning purposes

Peoria (Ariz.)
Created Date

A statement of the financial position of the city of Douglas, included an audit by an independent certified public accountant.

Douglas (Ariz.)
Created Date

Information about town services and community events for residents of Dewey-Humboldt.

Dewey-Humboldt (Ariz.)
Created Date

Remarks by the Governor to the State Senators and members of the House of Representatives.

Arizona. Governor, Arizona. Legislature
Created Date

The State And Local Arizona Documents (SALAD) collection contains documents published by the State of Arizona, its Counties, incorporated Cities or Towns, or affiliated Councils of Government; documents produced under the auspices of a state or local agency, board, commission or department, including reports made to these units; and Salt River Project, a licensed municipality. ASU is a primary collector of state publications and makes a concerted effort to acquire and catalog most materials published by state and local governmental agencies.

The ASU Digital Repository provides access to digital SALAD publications, however the ASU Libraries’ non-digitized Arizona documents can be searched through the ASU Libraries Catalog and Library One Search. For additional assistance, Ask A Government Documents Librarian.

Publications issued by the Morrison Institute for Public Programs at Arizona State University are available in the ASU Digital Repository Morrison Institute for Public Policy - Publications Archive collection.