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Chinese Immigrants in Cuba: Documents from the James and Ana Melikian Collection

The Chinese Immigrants in Cuba collection includes hundreds of original documents, manuscripts and photos covering the migration of 125,000 Chinese who signed up to be cheap labor in Cuba from 1847 until the later 1890s. The archive continues until the 1970s and records the Chinese community in Cuba and is rich with photos. This massive collection, from the archive of James and Ana Melikian Collection, is probably the largest one in private hands concerning Chinese in Cuba. At present the collection contains over 1341 records and about 8,000-9,000 pages.

Balance sheet for the Kuo Min Tang's Bayamo Delegation in 1946.

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Balance sheet for the Association of the Chinese settlers. It includes the income, spending, and net worth of the group. Signed by the President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the group. Sent to the Provincial Government of Oriente.

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Details the election roll of the Kuo Ming Tang's leadership election in 1954, sent to the Provincial Government of Oriente. Listed are the names of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, and Speakers.

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A letter from Francisco Changsoy and Jorge F. Hands, the President and the Secretary of the Delegation of Guantanamo. It lists the President, Vice President, Secretary, the Vice Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Treasurer.

Letter from Felix Hung, the President of the Casino Chung Wah, to the secretary of the Provincial Government of the Orient in Santiago. While not included in this document, the letter explains that Felix Hung was sending the Treasury Balance for Casino Chung Wah to the secretary.

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A letter from Armando Lay and Alfredo Chang of the Kuo Min Tang, the Chinese Nationalist Party in Manzanillo to the Provincial Commission of Oriente. It details their registration payments in 1958, 1959, and 1960.

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A letter from Rafael Chiang, the president of Kuo Min Tang's Jobabo delegation to the Provincial Governor. It details how Chiang sent the balance sheet for his delegation to the Provincial Government in accordance with the laws.

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A letter from the Emperor of Qing dynasty to the President of Cuba. It details the friendly relationship between the two countries as the Qing's emperor wrote that he hope their diplomatic relations could last forever.

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Report detailing a meeting of the Hoy Yin Kong Sol, concerning the general character of the organization in which the members proposes, discussed, and voted on new rules for the organization. Elections for officer positions were also held, electing the president, vice president, treasurer, vice treasurer, the secretary, the vice secretary, and then the speakers. This group is also part of the larger social society, the Provincial Government of Oriente.

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