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Carol J Stevens Collection

A collection of scholarly, professional and creative work by Dr. Carol J Stevens, Clinical Associate Professor, College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Arizona State University. Dr. Stevens teaches in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.

Dr. Stevens received her PhD from Arizona State University in 2011. Her dissertation was "Salud con Sabor para Los Ninos (SSLN): A Feasibility Study, translated as "Health with a Latin Twist for Children." Dr. Stevens research interests are baccalaureate nursing education, adolescent obesity, and health disparities.

Scholarly writing is an essential skill for nurses to communicate new research and evidence. Written communication directly relates to patient safety and quality of care. However, few online RN-BSN programs integrate writing instruction into their curricula. Nurses traditionally learn how to write from instructor feedback and often not until midway into their baccalaureate education. Innovative strategies are needed to help nurses apply critical thinking skills to writing. The authors discuss a collaborative project between nursing faculty and technical communication faculty to develop and implement a writing course that is 1 of the 1st courses the students take in the online …

Stevens, , C. J., D'Angelo, B., Rennell, N., et al.