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ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) Video History Project Interviews

This collection includes interviews of Arizona State University retirees, including ASU administrators, faculty, and staff. The video interviews were conducted by the ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) beginning in 2001. Videos are approximately 1 hour each.

Date Range
2012 2015

Vladimir Borovansky, ASU Noble Library Research librarian, joined ASU in May 1968. Interesting stories include: 1) the development of the NOBLE LIBRARY, 2) GOING DIGITAL - progression in the use of digital searching from offline searches to ARPANET to Google, 3), the creation of a Patent Depository Library and 4) an important trait of being a research librarian, i.e., know your audience 1. Czechoslovakia 1948 ~ 1967 (19 minutes 30 seconds long) Vladimir, born 1931, discusses growing up in Czechoslovakia during the Russian occupation. He held a variety of jobs ranging from working in a gold mine to managing a …

McIntosh, John, Arizona State University Retirees Association
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Marilyn Wurzburger, Hayden Library Special Collections Librarian, was hired as an ASU Library cataloguer in 1960. The early part of the interview covers growing up in Illinois, participating in the Pillsbury Bakeoff and being a CBS tele-visitor reporter. Marilyn describes working in both Matthews and Hayden Libraries under a variety of head librarians. Marilyn talks about the creation of six Special Collections (see notes below for more details): Kelmscott Press, Batchelor Press, Doris & Marc Patten Herbal Books, Fritz Scholder, and Helmut Gernsheim. The interview wraps up with a discussion of some disappointments and highlights of Marilyn’s career. Personal Background …

Haefer, Richard, Arizona State University Retirees Association
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