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ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) Video History Project Interviews

This collection includes interviews of Arizona State University retirees, including ASU administrators, faculty, and staff. The video interviews were conducted by the ASU Retirees Association (ASURA) beginning in 2001. Videos are approximately 1 hour each.

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2012 2012

Gary Krahenbuhl, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences came to ASU in 1973 as an Assistant Professor of Physical Education and retired in 2003 as Senior Vice President of the University. In the interview Gary discusses the battles with U of A for funding and recognition, keeping the branch campuses under one roof, and several short stores about Lattie Coor and Jim Mayer. In addition much of the interview addresses directly and indirectly Gary’s philosophy of academic administrative leadership. Clip 1 - Pre / Post ASU Years 1. Interview Introduction (00:00:40) 2. Early Life & Education (00:01:21) 3. Why came …

Schwalm, Dave, Association, Arizona State University Retirees
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