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Contributors: Broe, Carolyn Waters
Description: A list of Kerr's known compositions for orchestra and various ensembles with known dates and locations of performances, by violist and biographer Carolyn Waters Broe.

Created Date: 2014-02
Contributors: Griffiths, Gary L.
Description: This presentation demonstrates how credibility assessment may be used on historical news and literary documents to determine the veracity of victims and witnesses even when formal statements were never made, or were lost to history. The presentation analyzes first hand accounts of the "Wickenburg Massacre" of 1871.

Created Date: 1988
Contributors: Luhrs, George H.N. Jr.
Description: The detailed memoir of the Luhrs Family's businesses and personal activities in Phoenix and elsewhere.

Created Date: 2009-10-09
Description: An alphabetical list by author of Jack Pfister's extensive library on Arizona history and culture. All of the materials are available at the ASU Libraries, many are available for circulation. See the General Catalog for location information. A guide to the Jack Pfister Papers is available in Arizona Archives Online

Created Date: 1991
Description: Searchable box and folder descriptions of the Relevant and Irrelevant records series. These are descriptions of the corporate records seized by federal regulators and designated as "relevant" or "irrelevant" to the MDL-834 trial proceedings by attorneys for the defense and prosecution.