ASU West Campus History

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Date Range
1982 2015
Created Date: 1988-01-18
Contributors: McSheffrey, Gerald R.
Description: ASU Insight article from Jan. 18, 1988 by Dr. Gerald R. McSheffrey. Summarizes Dr. McSheffrey's vision for ASU's West Campus and offers a cautionary note about the importance of ASU West maintaining some independence.

Created Date: 2015-04-09
Contributors: Isbell, Dennis
Description: 2015 inaugural winners of ASU West outstanding alumni award: Judith A. Lynn, Abu K. Mboka, Martin J. Quezada, Edward L. Vasko, Jr.

Created Date: 2009-02-20
Contributors: Unknown
Description: A description of ASU West's mission and vision following ASU's reorganization as a result of budget cuts at the start of the Great Recession. Author is unknown.

Created Date: 2004
Contributors: Arizona State University West. Office of Public Affairs
Description: A summary history of the ASU West Campus to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Includes a timeline up to 2004 and lists of people important in the creation of the campus.

Created Date: 1988-01-18
Contributors: JLBC Staff
Description: This item lists projects, with their costs and descriptions, that Arizona House Bill 2037 would support if passed. These projects include the costs for the completion of the core buildings for ASU West.

Created Date: 1988-01-21
Contributors: JLBC Staff
Description: This item, with handwritten edits, is an opinion paper concerning the state of the lease purchase option following, or just prior to, the passing of House Bill 2037 that would help the ASU West Campus, which was being built using tuition and fees, and was many years behind its schedule for completing the construction of its core facilities, by foregoing the usual "pay as you go" plan, and use the lease-purchase option to get back on, or ahead of, schedule.

Created Date: 1987-05-11
Contributors: Murphy, Gaye
Description: This memorandum discusses ASU West Campus Core construction schedules, future usage of the Alhambra and Montebello campuses, and the cost of lease-purchase financing exceeding that of capital appropriation. It was sent by Gaye Murphy, Senior Analyst, to Joe Smith, State Budget Officer.

This collection presents the history of the Arizona State University at West campus through materials selected from the University Archives by Robert Spindler, University Archivist; Bee Gallegos, Education & History Librarian, Fletcher Library; and Todd Anselmo, Digital Initiatives Intern at the West campus.

The collection includes planning reports, memoranda, legislation, speeches, ephemera, fact sheets and a twentieth anniversary video, 1977-2009.