Arizona PBS Productions Collection

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Date Range
1986 2007
Created Date: 1999-05-17
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Nielson, Steve, Messer, Chris, et al.
Description: Tempe Town Lake operations, maintenance and recreation with Steve Nielsen and Chris Messer. Then ASU professor Frank Sackton re: working with General MacArthur. KAET Poll results re: gun control and Y2K liability legislation.

Created Date: 1999-04-26
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Merrill, Bruce, Hargis, Howard
Description: KAET Poll results with Dr. Bruce Merrill ASU Cronkite School re: McCain vs. Quayle and re: repeal of stadium and theme park tax increase, NATO bombing and physician assisted suicide. Then Tempe Town Lake progress report with Howard Hargis, City of Tempe. Then Titan Missile Museum tour.

Created Date: 1995-10-18
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Provenzano, Grace, Giuliano, Neil, et al.
Description: Rio Salado development with Grace Provenzano, Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano, Arturo Portillo, Chicanos por la Causa, Joe Dixon, Army Corps of Engineers, John Meunier, ASU College of Architecture. Then children’s vision impairments with Brendan Cassidy MD, John Nelson, PhD Special Education ASU.

Created Date: 1997-03-05
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Bender, Paul, 1933-

Created Date: 1986-05-15
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions

Created Date: 1989-01-12
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Mofford, Rose

Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions

Created Date: 2006-02-23
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Garcia, James E. (James Edward), 1957-, Barnes, Ray, 1936-, et al.

Created Date: 2005-01-20
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Esquivel, Samuel, 1953-, Arreola, Daniel D. (Daniel David), 1950-

Created Date: 2003-10-30
Contributors: Arizona PBS Productions, Hughes, Roger Allan, 1943-, Cisneros, Henry

Arizona PBS (KAET-TV) locally produced television programs comprised of selected episodes of the Horizon and Horizonte' public affairs programs from 1984-2007. Additional episodes and other local productions will be added as resources become available. Contact Arizona PBS to acquire copies of the video files at . Materials were digitized with the generous support of the Luhrs Family Endowment.