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Human Systems Engineering: Applied Projects Collection

The Human Systems Engineering: Applied Projects Collection contains the applied project reports of students completing the requirements for a Master of Science degree in Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. It also contains a collection of posters associated with senior capstone projects.

Careful considerations in designing and organizing information for restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems can affect user experience. Unfortunately, usability guidelines are sparse for these systems. Applications from other studies, such as categorical organization and F-shape, are implemented in an experimental interface as a starting point of discussion. A control interface was designed after the default version of NCR Aloha’s POS program: Aloha Table Service. Novice and expert order taking strategies were also observed to compare input differences. This study examined selection time, total time, and selection accuracy across both order and interface types. The results show that time and number of ...

Wang, Cheryl Caresse, Branaghan, Russell, Cooke, Nancy
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