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ASU Book Traces Project

Our project seeks to identify, record, and photograph significant, unique features of C19 and early C20 readership found in out-of-copyright ASU-owned books. To begin, we're examining pre-1923 titles in the PRs and the PSs in Hayden Library. (There are 13,673 pre-1923 books on the shelves in the PR and PS--British and American literature--sections.) This ASU Digital Repository space will collect digital images of the most interesting of these examples. We will also be sharing some of them with the University of Virginia-based crowd-sourced project founded and led by Prof. Andrew Stauffer, from which we take our project name and our inspiration: We hope to locate objects for a potential future ASU special exhibit in 2019, when Hayden Library re-opens after its major renovation. (The books are leaving the tower in summer 2017.)

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Possible owners inscription, "Augustine Birrell / March 10th 1921 / Dies dolorosa - 1915." The reverse of the page includes a handwritten list of other works by the author and some annotations are included in the text. If it is the same Augustine Birrell, he was Chief Secretary for Ireland (1907-1916). The "Dies dolorosa - 1915" might refer to the troubles he experienced that year with World War I, the Irish uprisings and the death of his wife Eleanor. He resigned in 1916 after criticisms of his response to the Irish uprisings.

Dobson, Austin, Tait, Dana
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