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ASU Book Traces Project

Our project seeks to identify, record, and photograph significant, unique features of C19 and early C20 readership found in out-of-copyright ASU-owned books. To begin, we're examining pre-1923 titles in the PRs and the PSs in Hayden Library. (There are 13,673 pre-1923 books on the shelves in the PR and PS--British and American literature--sections.) This ASU Digital Repository space will collect digital images of the most interesting of these examples. We will also be sharing some of them with the University of Virginia-based crowd-sourced project founded and led by Prof. Andrew Stauffer, from which we take our project name and our inspiration: We hope to locate objects for a potential future ASU special exhibit in 2019, when Hayden Library re-opens after its major renovation. (The books are leaving the tower in summer 2017.)

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This volume contains an ownership inscription, "M. Dumas Faucher, 4 Place Bouquerie, Nimes". An M. Dumas Faucher is traceable in other sources as a delegate from the Young Friends of Peace at Nimes. It is possible that this book once belonged to Jacques Dumas-Faucher, a lawyer in Nimes, France who was associated with the peace and education movement.

Ballantyne, Robert Michael, Looser, Devoney
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