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100 Years of Grand: The Grand Canyon Centennial Project

A digital archive celebrating the Centennial of the Grand Canyon National Park. A collaborative project of the Arizona State University Library, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University and the Grand Canyon National Park. Additional materials are available via the project website.

Date Range
1882 1935

Document outlining Senator Hayden's proposal for national park status. Addresses the issue of miner's and land owner's rights while touting the benefits of tourism. Circa 1915.

Article against the establishment of the Grand Canyon as a National Park citing the inability of the public to utilize the lands and the inefficiency of the government to properly care for the Canyon. Circa 1921-1924.

Letter from Franklin K. Lane expressing his support for bill S.390 in establishing the Grand Canyon as a National Park. Circa 1913-1920.

Lane, Franklin K., Hayden, Carl t.

Letter from Joseph J. Cotter to Carl Hayden detailing the approximate amount of patented land within the proposed borders of the national park. Thomas J. Croaff is mentioned in his belief that he owns half the land in the proposed area; however, Joseph J. Cotter disputes this claim. Ralph Cameron's mining interests in the park are also mentioned. Circa 1917.

Cotter, Joseph J., Hayden, Carl T.

Amendments to the bill establishing the Grand Canyon a National Monument. Circa 1908.

Amendment to the national park bill granting the Secretary of the Interior permission to lease land not exceeding 100 acres. Circa 1917.

Possible press release from Carl Hayden detailing the Grand Canyon National Park bill. Circa 1916.

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Map of proposed addition to Grand Canyon National Park Boundaries Circa 1932.

United States National Park Service

Letter from Miner Tillotson to Carl Hayden in regards to a request for two small blue Spruce trees from the North Rim.

Tillotson, Miner Raymond, Hayden, Carl T.
Created Date

Letter from Governor George W. P. Hunt to Calvin Coolidge arguing for more autonomy in Arizona state matters.

Hunt, George W. P., Coolidge, Calvin
Created Date