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100 Years of Grand: The Grand Canyon Centennial Project

A digital archive celebrating the Centennial of the Grand Canyon National Park. A collaborative project of the Arizona State University Library, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University and the Grand Canyon National Park. Additional materials are available via the project website.

Resource Type
  • text
  • Control of Public Lands (1912-1928)
  • Legislation
  • Hayden, Carl Trumbull, 1877-1972
  • United States. Forest Service
  • Solicitation
  • Grand Canyon (Ariz.)
  • 1 Roads
Date Range
1917 1917

Letter from A. F. Potter to Carl Hayden regarding W. W. Bass's livery permit. Bass's fee to maintain the roads has been reduced to $50 per year, but he will still need to keep his business at least a hundred feet from the Grand Canyon rim so as not to disturb visitors.

Potter, A. F., Hayden, Carl T.
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