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Office of Latino Projects: Research and Publications

The Office of Latino Projects is a social and economic justice resource center providing information, data, research, and policy analysis about issues affecting the Latino population in the U.S. and Southwest border communities. This collection includes reports, presentations and infographics developed from research conducted through the Office of Latino Projects. These research projects relate to issues affecting the Latinx population, including immigration, academic achievement, poverty, health and acculturation.

Latinas may be unlikely to report violent crime, particularly when undocumented. This research examines the impact of fear of deportation and trust in the procedural fairness of the justice system on willingness to report violent crime victimization among a sample of Latinas (N = 1,049) in the United States. Fear of deportation was a significant predictor of Latinas perceptions of the procedural fairness of the criminal justice system. However, trust in the police is more important than fear of deportation in Latinas’ willingness to report violent crime victimization. Social workers can provide rights-based education and encourage relationship building between police …

Messing, Jill, Becerra, David, Ward-Lasher, Allison, et al.
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