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Park Central Mall Oral History Project

Park Central Mall opened in 1957, and quickly became the center of activity along Central Avenue, thanks to its proximity to some of Phoenix’s best neighborhoods and easy access from Central Avenue, Thomas Road and Indian School Road. As Phoenix quickly grew, the area around Park Central Mall saw an increasing number of mid-rise and high-rise office buildings built along Central Avenue, and the area eventually became known as the Central Business District. ASU students and faculty gathered oral histories with people who lived in the neighborhoods surrounding Park Central Mall, store owners and individuals who frequented the mall to shop or attend the events at the mall.

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Helen R. Kett was born in New Jersey but wanted to come to Arizona because she always thought it was a beautiful state. After she moved to Arizona she would come on the bus with her son to the mall. Helen has always loved Native American jewelry and would sometimes come to the mall to look in the stores for some. She told a small anecdote about Clint Eastwood filming a movie right past her building. Helen remembered the photo booth, where she took the photo of her and her son. It was only 50 cents for 3 or 4 …

Kett, Helen R., Milowski, Daniel
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Jeni O'Callaghan recalls her memories of Park Central Mall.

O'Callaghan, Jeni, Navarro McElhaney, Kristine
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