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Hugh Downs School of Communication Graduate Capstone Collection

The MA program in communication is designed to provide professionals with advanced training in the theory and practice of communication, preparing them for success in their careers and a dynamic job market.

The flexible delivery offers easy access to a rigorous education that delivers instruction in social influence, global communication, best workplaces practices and more. The program's culminating experience is a capstone project that allows students to focus their training in their areas of interest.

The purpose of this study is to determine if cultivation theory and its suggestion that society cultivates ideals of a mean world because of heavy exposure to violent media, pertains to those already incarcerated. Adults, 18 and over, living in the United States completed a survey that measured empathetic and apathetic views of the incarcerated through the viewing of positive and negative portrayals of incarceration. Results indicated that viewer's empathy was significantly higher when viewers watched positive portrayals of incarceration than when they watched negative portrayals. Correlation between age and empathic views was tested. No correlation was found between empathy …

Borucki, Melinda, Bednarchik, Lori, Quinlivan, Raena
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