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Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project

"Landuse and Landscape Socioecology in the Mediterranean Basin: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of the Long-Term Interaction of Human and Natural Systems."

This international, interdisciplinary research project models the long-term dynamics of human landuse and Mediterranean landscapes. Beginning in Fall 2004, modeling efforts have focued on eastern Spain and western Jordan, encompassing much of the range of environmental variability across the Mediterranean region.

The project examines long-term socioecological processes that shaped Mediterranean landscapes, from the beginning of farming to the beginning of complex civilization.

This research on the early metal ages of the Wadi el-Hasa focuses on the settlement systems and attempts to explain how social, economic and political adjustments helped tribal groups survive under natural (i.e., climatic) and anthropogenic (i.e., land degradation, erosion) stress factors. The shifting of subsistence base from agropastoral to pastoral their reflections in site and population densities, diversity of site types, levels of internal complexity and levels of social organization via the presence of large settlements, like villages, which acted as economic and administrative centers emerge as risk reduction mechanisms. The cycles of abandonment and resettlement are evaluated within …

Arikan, Bulent
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