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2004 2017
Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Milleson, Valerye Michelle, Robert, Jason, Herkert, Joseph, et al.
Description: The landscape of science education is changing. Scientific research and the academy are both becoming increasingly complex, competitive, interdisciplinary, and international. Many federal research agencies, scientific professional societies, and science educators seem to agree on the importance of strong ethics education to help young scientists navigate this increasingly craggy terrain. But, what actually should be done? When it comes to teaching ethics to future scientists, is the apparent current emphasis on basic responsible conduct of research (RCR) sufficient, or should moral theory also be taught in science ethics education? In this thesis I try engage this question by focusing on ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Viswanathan, Sree Aurovindh, VanLehn, Kurt, T.H CHI, Michelene, et al.
Description: This thesis is an initial test of the hypothesis that superficial measures suffice for measuring collaboration among pairs of students solving complex math problems, where the degree of collaboration is categorized at a high level. Data were collected in the form of logs from students' tablets and the vocal interaction between pairs of students. Thousands of different features were defined, and then extracted computationally from the audio and log data. Human coders used richer data (several video streams) and a thorough understand of the tasks to code episodes as collaborative, cooperative or asymmetric contribution. Machine learning was used to induce ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Breazeale, Lloyd Caleb, Ayyanar, Raja, Karady, George, et al.
Description: A new photovoltaic (PV) array power converter circuit is presented. The salient features of this inverter are: transformerless topology, grounded PV array, and only film capacitors. The motivations are to reduce cost, eliminate leakage ground currents, and improve reliability. The use of Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors is the key enabling technology for this particular circuit to attain good efficiency. Traditionally, grid connected PV inverters required a transformer for isolation and safety. The disadvantage of high frequency transformer based inverters is complexity and cost. Transformerless inverters have become more popular recently, although they can be challenging to implement because of possible ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Chiriyath, Alex Rajan, Bliss, Daniel W, Kosut, Oliver, et al.
Description: The problem of cooperative radar and communications signaling is investigated. Each system typically considers the other system a source of interference. Consequently, the tradition is to have them operate in orthogonal frequency bands. By considering the radar and communications operations to be a single joint system, performance bounds on a receiver that observes communications and radar return in the same frequency allocation are derived. Bounds in performance of the joint system is measured in terms of data information rate for communications and radar estimation information rate for the radar. Inner bounds on performance are constructed. Dissertation/Thesis

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Kim, Mijung, Candan, K. Selcuk, Davulcu, Hasan, et al.
Description: Multidimensional data have various representations. Thanks to their simplicity in modeling multidimensional data and the availability of various mathematical tools (such as tensor decompositions) that support multi-aspect analysis of such data, tensors are increasingly being used in many application domains including scientific data management, sensor data management, and social network data analysis. Relational model, on the other hand, enables semantic manipulation of data using relational operators, such as projection, selection, Cartesian-product, and set operators. For many multidimensional data applications, tensor operations as well as relational operations need to be supported throughout the data life cycle. In this thesis, we introduce ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: SALUJA, Dipal, Shrivastava, Aviral, Lee, Yann-Hang, et al.
Description: Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures (CGRA) are a promising fabric for improving the performance and power-efficiency of computing devices. CGRAs are composed of components that are well-optimized to execute loops and rotating register file is an example of such a component present in CGRAs. Due to the rotating nature of register indexes in rotating register file, it is very challenging, if at all possible, to hold and properly index memory addresses (pointers) and static values. In this Thesis, different structures for CGRA register files are investigated. Those structures are experimentally compared in terms of performance of mapped applications, design frequency, and area. ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Razo, Adrienne, Spencer, Dee Ann, Appleton, Nicholas, et al.
Description: This research was focused on determining the relationship between student achievement, teacher evaluation scores, and performance pay for an Arizona school district. Dissertation/Thesis

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Ekeogu, Onyekachi Joi, Quan, Helen, Bortner, Peg, et al.
Description: Few studies focus on the MOVE Organization (MOVE), let alone its presences in popular media during the years prior to the MOVE-Philadelphia Conflict (1978-1985), or pre-Conflict. To date, most information about MOVE derives from Conflict research which utilizes archival materials from the Philadelphia Special Investigation Commission (MOVE Commission) hearings. Generations of dominant representations about MOVE and its members, consequently, are mainly constructed by popular media from the MOVE Commission hearings, including video broadcasts of the proceeding. Using a Conflict documentary, I highlight concerns scholars face when heavily using archival materials from MOVE Commission hearings: (a) Archival materials from MOVE Commission ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Nasir, Ehab Awad Mukhtar, Pan, Rong, Runger, George, et al.
Description: Accelerated life testing (ALT) is the process of subjecting a product to stress conditions (temperatures, voltage, pressure etc.) in excess of its normal operating levels to accelerate failures. Product failure typically results from multiple stresses acting on it simultaneously. Multi-stress factor ALTs are challenging as they increase the number of experiments due to the stress factor-level combinations resulting from the increased number of factors. Chapter 2 provides an approach for designing ALT plans with multiple stresses utilizing Latin hypercube designs that reduces the simulation cost without loss of statistical efficiency. A comparison to full grid and large-sample approximation methods illustrates ...

Created Date: 2014
Contributors: Bell, Stephanie, Fishel, Susana, Hurlbert, Glenn, et al.
Description: This thesis focuses on sequencing questions in a way that provides students with manageable steps to understand some of the fundamental concepts in discrete mathematics. The questions are aimed at younger students (middle and high school aged) with the goal of helping young students, who have likely never seen discrete mathematics, to learn through guided discovery. Chapter 2 is the bulk of this thesis as it provides questions, hints, solutions, as well as a brief discussion of each question. In the discussions following the questions, I have attempted to illustrate some relationships between the current question and previous questions, explain ...

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