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The demand for cleaner energy technology is increasing very rapidly. Hence it is important to increase the eciency and reliability of this emerging clean energy technologies. This thesis focuses on modeling and reliability of solar micro inverters. In order to make photovoltaics (PV) cost competitive with traditional energy sources, the economies of scale have been guiding inverter design in two directions: large, centralized, utility-scale (500 kW) inverters vs. small, modular, module level (300 W) power electronics (MLPE). MLPE, such as microinverters and DC power optimizers, oer advantages in safety, system operations and maintenance, energy yield, and component lifetime due to ...

Manchanahalli Ranganatha, Arkanatha Sastry, Ayyanar, Raja, Karady, George, et al.
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Optical Instrument Transformers (OIT) have been developed as an alternative to traditional instrument transformers (IT). The question "Can optical instrument transformers substitute for the traditional transformers?" is the main motivation of this study. Finding the answer for this question and developing complete models are the contributions of this work. Dedicated test facilities are developed so that the steady state and transient performances of analog outputs of a magnetic current transformer (CT) and a magnetic voltage transformer (VT) are compared with that of an optical current transformer (OCT) and an optical voltage transformer (OVT) respectively. Frequency response characteristics of OIT outputs ...

Kucuksari, Sadik, Karady, George G, Heydt, Gerald T, et al.
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