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2004 2017
Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Langenfeld, Mark, Riding In, James, Romero-Little, Mary Eunice, et al.
Description: This thesis examines literacy development among the Algonquian-speaking Indian peoples of New England from approximately the years 1600-1775. Indians had forms of literacy prior to the coming of European settlers, who introduced them to English literacy for the purpose of proselytization. I describe the process of English-language literacy taking hold during colonization and argue that Indians in the colonial period subverted the colonizing intent of English-language literacy to preserve their mother tongues, their claims to land and affirm their nationhood as a people. Dissertation/Thesis

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Kelley, Tanya M., Johnston, Erik W, Schugurensky, Daniel, et al.
Description: Public organizations have been interested in tapping into the creativity and passion of the public through the use of open innovation, which emphasizes bottom-up ideation and collaboration. A challenge for organizational adoption of open innovation is that the quick-start, bottom-up, iterative nature of open innovation does not integrate easily into the hierarchical, stability-oriented structure of most organizations. In order to realize the potential of open innovation, organizations must be willing to change the way they operate. This dissertation is a case study of how Arizona State University (ASU), has adapted its organizational structure and created unique programming to incorporate open ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Choudhary, Darshan, Tamizhmani, Govindasamy, Rogers, Bradley Barney, et al.
Description: The deposition of airborne dust, especially in desert conditions, is very problematic as it leads to significant loss of power of photovoltaic (PV) modules on a daily basis during the dry period. As such, PV testing laboratories around the world have been trying to set up soil deposition stations to artificially deposit soil layers and to simulate outdoor soiling conditions in an accelerated manner. This thesis is a part of a twin thesis. The first thesis, authored by Shanmukha Mantha, is associated with the designing of an artificial soiling station. The second thesis (this thesis), authored by Darshan Choudhary, is ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Jackson, Alec J., Holman, Zachary, Bertoni, Mariana, et al.
Description: Layers of intrinsic hydrogenated amorphous silicon and amorphous silicon carbide were prepared on a polished, intrinsic crystalline silicon substrate via plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition to simulate heterojunction device relevant stacks of various materials. The minority carrier lifetime, optical band gap and FTIR spectra were observed at incremental stages of thermal annealing. By observing the changes in the lifetimes the sample structure responsible for the most thermally robust surface passivation could be determined. These results were correlated to the optical band gap and the position and relative area of peaks in the FTIR spectra related to to silicon-hydrogen bonds in the ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Shanafelt, David William, Perrings, Charles, Fenichel, Eli, et al.
Description: The closer integration of the world economy has yielded many positive benefits including the worldwide diffusion of innovative technologies and efficiency gains following the widening of international markets. However, closer integration also has negative consequences. Specifically, I focus on the ecology and economics of the spread of species and pathogens. I approach the problem using theoretical and applied models in ecology and economics. First, I use a multi-species theoretical network model to evaluate the ability of dispersal to maintain system-level biodiversity and productivity. I then extend this analysis to consider the effects of dispersal in a coupled social-ecological system where ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Li, Bing, Huang, Dijiang, Xue, Guoliang, et al.
Description: Wireless communication technologies have been playing an important role in modern society. Due to its inherent mobility property, wireless networks are more vulnerable to passive attacks than traditional wired networks. Anonymity, as an important issue in mobile network environment, serves as the first topic that leads to all the research work presented in this manuscript. Specifically, anonymity issue in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) is discussed with details as the first section of research. To thoroughly study on this topic, the presented work approaches it from an attacker's perspective. Under a perfect scenario, all the traffic in a targeted MANET ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Park, Sungjin, Nancy, Buck, DeMars, James, et al.
Description: Provided here is a new transcription for viola and piano of Charles V. Stanford's Sonata for Cello and Piano, No. 2, Op. 39. This transcription preserves the original music, but provides new tone color and register possibilities using the viola. In general, there is a lack of solo viola repertoire in the early nineteenth century. Stanford, a romantic composer, writes music using structural forms and harmonic techniques derived from the classical period. In order to introduce violists to the music of Charles Stanford and increase the amount of nineteenth century repertoire for the viola, this transcription of Stanford's Cello Sonata ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Hejazi, Sayed Mohammad, Shah, Jami J, Davidson, Joseph K, et al.
Description: Parts are always manufactured with deviations from their nominal geometry due to many reasons such as inherent inaccuracies in the machine tools and environmental conditions. It is a designer job to devise a proper tolerance scheme to allow reasonable freedom to a manufacturer for imperfections without compromising performance. It takes years of experience and strong practical knowledge of the device function, manufacturing process and GD&T standards for a designer to create a good tolerance scheme. There is almost no theoretical resource to help designers in GD&T synthesis. As a result, designers often create inconsistent and incomplete tolerance schemes that lead ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Ganger, David Wu, Vittal, Vijay, Zhang, Junshan, et al.
Description: As the world embraces a sustainable energy future, alternative energy resources, such as wind power, are increasingly being seen as an integral part of the future electric energy grid. Ultimately, integrating such a dynamic and variable mix of generation requires a better understanding of renewable generation output, in addition to power grid systems that improve power system operational performance in the presence of anticipated events such as wind power ramps. Because of the stochastic, uncontrollable nature of renewable resources, a thorough and accurate characterization of wind activity is necessary to maintain grid stability and reliability. Wind power ramps from an ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Venkiteswaran, Adarsh, Shah, Jami J, Hardwick, Martin, et al.
Description: There is very little in the way of prescriptive procedures to guide designers in tolerance specification. This shortcoming motivated the group at Design Automation Lab to automate tolerancing of mechanical assemblies. GD&T data generated by the Auto-Tolerancing software is semantically represented using a neutral Constraint Tolerance Feature (CTF) graph file format that is consistent with the ASME Y14.5 standard and the ISO STEP Part 21 file. The primary objective of this research is to communicate GD&T information from the CTF file to a neutral machine readable format. The latest STEP AP 242 (ISO 10303-242) “Managed model based 3D engineering“ aims ...

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