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2004 2017
Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Wei, Wei, Fainekos, Georgios, Amor, Hani Ben, et al.
Description: Robots are becoming an important part of our life and industry. Although a lot of robot control interfaces have been developed to simplify the control method and improve user experience, users still cannot control robots comfortably. With the improvements of the robot functions, the requirements of universality and ease of use of robot control interfaces are also increasing. This research introduces a graphical interface for Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) specifications for mobile robots. It is a sketch based interface built on the Android platform which makes the LTL control interface more friendly to non-expert users. By predefining a set of ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Thekkalore Srinivasa, Rahul, Fainekos, Georgios, Mayyas, Abdel Ra’ouf, et al.
Description: A Cyber Physical System consists of a computer monitoring and controlling physical processes usually in a feedback loop. These systems are increasingly becoming part of our daily life ranging from smart buildings to medical devices to automobiles. The controller comprises discrete software which may be operating in one of the many possible operating modes and interacting with a changing physical environment in a feedback loop. The systems with such a mix of discrete and continuous dynamics are usually termed as hybrid systems. In general, these systems are safety critical, hence their correct operation must be verified. Model Based Design (MBD) ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Lanfear, Nathan A., Suslov, Sergei, Kotschwar, Brett, et al.
Description: Chapter 1 introduces some key elements of important topics such as; quantum mechanics, representation theory of the Lorentz and Poincare groups, and a review of some basic rela- ´ tivistic wave equations that will play an important role in the work to follow. In Chapter 2, a complex covariant form of the classical Maxwell’s equations in a moving medium or at rest is introduced. In addition, a compact, Lorentz invariant, form of the energy-momentum tensor is derived. In chapter 3, the concept of photon helicity is critically analyzed and its connection with the Pauli-Lubanski vector from the viewpoint of the ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Shalindar Christraj, Arvind Joshua Jaydev, Johnson, Shane R, Alford, Terry L, et al.
Description: InAsBi is a narrow direct gap III-V semiconductor that has recently attracted considerable attention because its bandgap is tunable over a wide range of mid- and long-wave infrared wavelengths for optoelectronic applications. Furthermore, InAsBi can be integrated with other III-V materials and is potentially an alternative to commercial II-VI photodetector materials such as HgCdTe. Several 1 μm thick, nearly lattice-matched InAsBi layers grown on GaSb are examined using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and X-ray diffraction. Random Rutherford backscattering measurements indicate that the average Bi mole fraction ranges from 0.0503 to 0.0645 for the sample set, and ion channeling measurements indicate that ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Pasumarthy, Nitin, Sarwat, Mohamed, Papotti, Paolo, et al.
Description: Social media has become popular in the past decade. Facebook for example has 1.59 billion active users monthly. With such massive social networks generating lot of data, everyone is constantly looking for ways of leveraging the knowledge from social networks to make their systems more personalized to their end users. And with rapid increase in the usage of mobile phones and wearables, social media data is being tied to spatial networks. This research document proposes an efficient technique that answers socially k-Nearest Neighbors with Spatial Range Filter. The proposed approach performs a joint search on both the social and spatial ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: MAHABADI, NARIMAN, Jang, Jaewon, Zapata, Claudia, et al.
Description: The understanding of multiphase fluid flow in porous media is of great importance in many fields such as enhanced oil recovery, hydrology, CO2 sequestration, contaminants cleanup, and natural gas production from hydrate bearing sediments. In this study, first, the water retention curve (WRC) and relative permeability in hydrate bearing sediments are explored to obtain fitting parameters for semi-empirical equations. Second, immiscible fluid invasion into porous media is investigated to identify fluid displacement pattern and displacement efficiency that are affected by pore size distribution and connectivity. Finally, fluid flow through granular media is studied to obtain fluid-particle interaction. This study utilizes ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Satapathy, Saktiswarup, Brunhaver, John, Clark, Lawrence T, et al.
Description: The last decade has witnessed a paradigm shift in computing platforms, from laptops and servers to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. These devices host an immense variety of applications many of which are computationally expensive and thus are power hungry. As most of these mobile platforms are powered by batteries, energy efficiency has become one of the most critical aspects of such devices. Thus, the energy cost of the fundamental arithmetic operations executed in these applications has to be reduced. As voltage scaling has effectively ended, the energy efficiency of integrated circuits has ceased to improve within successive generations ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Bogusch, Emily, Nakagawa, Kathy, Swadener, Beth Blue, et al.
Description: This study examines the identity development of young women in the context of an urban high school in the Southwest. All of the participants were academically successful and on-track to graduate from high school, ostensibly ready for “college, career and life.” Life story interviews were co-constructed with the teacher-researcher. These accounts were recorded, transcribed and coded for themes related to identity development. The narrative interviews were treated as historical accounts of identity development and, simultaneously, as performances of identity in the figured world of the urban high school. The interviews reflected the participants’ ability to create a coherent life story ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Zhu, Nana, Zhou, Xuesong, Lou, Yingyan, et al.
Description: Given that more and more planned special events are hosted in urban areas, during which travel demand is considerably higher than usual, it is one of the most effective strategies opening public rapid transit lines and building park-and-ride facilities to allow visitors to park their cars and take buses to the event sites. In the meantime, special event workforce often needs to make balances among the limitations of construction budget, land use and targeted travel time budgets for visitors. As such, optimizing the park-and-ride locations and capacities is critical in this process of transportation management during planned special event. It ...

Created Date: 2016
Contributors: Bollapragada, Lakshmi Gayatri Niharika, Davulcu, Hasan, Sen, Arunabha, et al.
Description: In supervised learning, machine learning techniques can be applied to learn a model on a small set of labeled documents which can be used to classify a larger set of unknown documents. Machine learning techniques can be used to analyze a political scenario in a given society. A lot of research has been going on in this field to understand the interactions of various people in the society in response to actions taken by their organizations. This paper talks about understanding the Russian influence on people in Latvia. This is done by building an eeffective model learnt on initial set ...

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