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ASU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes most of the ASU Theses and Dissertations from 2011 to present. ASU Theses and Dissertations are available in downloadable PDF format; however, a small percentage of items are under embargo. Information about the dissertations/theses includes degree information, committee members, an abstract, supporting data or media.

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Valuation adjustment mechanism has been widely applied in acquisitions of listed companies in China today, and is usually agreed upon future financial performance indicators of acquired companies (mostly net income). This paper examines how changes of key contents of VAM agreement affect firms’ ability to meet performance commitments from the perspective of incentive effects. Empirical results show that as the performance goals set in VAM agreement becomes higher, the incentive for management to meet performance commitments will initially increase and then decrease, so that the ratio of actual profits to promised profits for target firms will reach peak at some …

Wang, Yixin, Gu, Bin, Yu, Xiaoyun, et al.
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中国证券市场一直存在着双重上市公司A、H股价差异现象,这一“同股同权不同价”的现象,长期以来都是国内外学者热议的课题之一。 本文在系统性整理前人研究成果基础上,首先对造成A、H股价差效应的内在逻辑进行了系统梳理,提炼出影响双重上市公司A、H股价格差异的9个潜在因素:信息不对称、需求差异、流动性差异、投机性差异、风险差异、公司治理结构、利率差异、市场强弱差异、汇率预期。其次,本文为各潜在影响因素构建了新的代理变量,建立面板数据模型,从全市场和行业两大视角做了实证分析,验证了影响双重上市公司A、H股价格差异的可能因素,且实证结果均通过了平稳性检验。实证结果显示:全市场视角下,仅公司治理结构和市场强弱差异对A、H价格差异的影响不显著。行业视角下,对于金融行业的双重上市公司而言,影响其A、H股价格差异的因素包括:需求差异、流动性差异、风险差异、市场强弱差异、利率差异;信息不对称、投机性差异、公司治理结构、汇率预期不具有显著影响。而对于非金融行业的双重上市公司而言,影响其A、H股价格差异的因素包括:信息不对称、需求差异、流动性差异、风险差异、投机性差异、市场强弱差异、利率差异、汇率预期;公司治理结构则不是显著的影响因素。 本文在实证分析所得结论的基础上,考虑到当前A、H股市场的现状,提出了加强资本市场双向开放、大力发展以基金为代表的机构投资者、坚定推行股票发行注册制改革、推动金融创新、丰富投资工具等建议。这一研究结果对于推动我国资本市场进一步完善,具有重要的理论与现实意义。 Dissertation/Thesis

Wang, Huan, Zhu, Hongquan, Li, Feng, et al.
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