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ASU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes most of the ASU Theses and Dissertations from 2011 to present. ASU Theses and Dissertations are available in downloadable PDF format; however, a small percentage of items are under embargo. Information about the dissertations/theses includes degree information, committee members, an abstract, supporting data or media.

In addition to the electronic theses found in the ASU Digital Repository, ASU Theses and Dissertations can be found in the ASU Library Catalog.

Dissertations and Theses granted by Arizona State University are archived and made available through a joint effort of the ASU Graduate College and the ASU Libraries. For more information or questions about this collection contact or visit the Digital Repository ETD Library Guide or contact the ASU Graduate College at

Biomass synthesis is a competing factor in biological systems geared towards generation of commodity and specialty chemicals, ultimately limiting maximum titer and yield; in this thesis, a widely generalizable, modular approach focused on decoupling biomass synthesis from the production of the phenylalanine in a genetically modified strain of E. coli BW25113 was explored with the use of synthetic trans-encoded small RNA (sRNA) to achieve greater efficiency. The naturally occurring sRNA MicC was used as a scaffold, and combined on a plasmid with a promoter for anhydrous tetracycline (aTc) and a T1/TE terminator. The coding sequence corresponding to the target binding …

Herschel, Daniel Jordan, Nielsen, David R, Torres, Cesar I, et al.
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Alzheimer’s disease is a major problem affecting over 5.7 million Americans. Although much is known about the effects of this neurogenerative disease, the exact pathogenesis is still unknown. One very important characteristic of Alzheimer’s is the accumulation of beta amyloid protein which often results in plaques. To understand these beta amyloid proteins better, antibody fragments may be used to bind to these oligomers and potentially reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. This thesis focused on the expression and crystallization the fragment antigen binding antibody fragment A4. A fragment antigen binding fragment was chosen to be worked with as it is …

Colasurd, Paige, Nannenga, Brent, Mills, Jeremy, et al.
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This work aims to characterize protein-nanoparticle interactions through the application of experimental techniques to aid in controlled nanoparticle production for various applications from manufacturing through medical to defense. It includes multiple steps to obtain purified and characterized protein and then the production of nanoparticles using the protein. This application of protein requires extremely pure homogenous solution of the protein that was achieved using numerous protein separation techniques which were experimented with. Crystallization conditions, protein separation methods and protein characterization methods were all investigated along with the protein-nanoparticle interaction studies. The main protein of study here is GroEL and the inorganic …

Sirajudeen, Luqmanal Hakim, Nannenga, Brent L, Acharya, Abhinav P, et al.
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