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ASU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes most of the ASU Theses and Dissertations from 2011 to present. ASU Theses and Dissertations are available in downloadable PDF format; however, a small percentage of items are under embargo. Information about the dissertations/theses includes degree information, committee members, an abstract, supporting data or media.

In addition to the electronic theses found in the ASU Digital Repository, ASU Theses and Dissertations can be found in the ASU Library Catalog.

Dissertations and Theses granted by Arizona State University are archived and made available through a joint effort of the ASU Graduate College and the ASU Libraries. For more information or questions about this collection contact or visit the Digital Repository ETD Library Guide or contact the ASU Graduate College at

Double bass drumming is a genre of drum set performance that utilizes a bass drum pedal for both the right and left feet. This allows the feet to function much like the hands, and provides the ability to play faster rhythmic passages on the bass drum that would otherwise be impossible in the classic single-pedal arrangement. The feet are then elevated to new levels of importance, which creates new challenges in four-limb coordination. This double bass drumming tradition has been in use since the mid-20th century, and it has become extremely popular since that time. Today, virtually every drum set …

Paris, Zach, Smith, Jeffrey, Kocour, Michael, et al.
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The percussion jazz ensemble is a long-established yet rare component of 21st century percussion studios in the United States. While many American collegiate programs have percussion ensembles that perform jazz-based pieces, none are identified as a “percussion jazz ensemble.” This may be for a variety of reasons. Professors may not have considered adding a percussion jazz ensemble to their program because of its scarcity in American universities. Including such a class would be challenging if the instructors did not feel comfortable or familiar enough with jazz idioms and vernacular. Additionally, very few compositions or arrangements are available for this group. …

Moreau, Danielle, Smith, Jeffrey, Feisst, Sabine, et al.
Created Date

Technological advancements in computers and audio software and hardware devices in the twenty-first century have led to the expansion of possibilities for music composition, including works for acoustic instruments and live electronics. Electroacoustic composition is rapidly and continually evolving, and much that has been written about compositional techniques for percussion and live electronics is becoming outdated. Live electronics include performer-triggered events, audio processing, electronic responses to various inputs, and electronic decision-making during live performances. These techniques can be employed in a variety of ways. This project sheds light on how modern composers of different musical and cultural backgrounds reimagine the …

Wier, Alexander Carl, Smith, Jeffrey, Feisst, Sabine, et al.
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