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ASU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes most of the ASU Theses and Dissertations from 2011 to present. ASU Theses and Dissertations are available in downloadable PDF format; however, a small percentage of items are under embargo. Information about the dissertations/theses includes degree information, committee members, an abstract, supporting data or media.

In addition to the electronic theses found in the ASU Digital Repository, ASU Theses and Dissertations can be found in the ASU Library Catalog.

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现今的理论研究及实践表明,供应链上各个企业进行协调运作的基础是节点企业间有效信息进行高效传递。但供应链上下游企业在合作过程中通常存在信息不完全对称现象、牛鞭效应等问题,供应链中信息传递的实时性及真实性受到较大影响,这也是导致供应链管理整体效率不高的原因之一。因此,供应链伙伴间信息共享问题已是国内外学者普遍关注的焦点。本文旨在针对目前我国家居供应链企业间信息沟通不畅、信息共享不充分的问题及其理论研究的不足,来开展针对影响家居供应链企业间信息共享因素的实证研究。本文基于家居供应链这一特殊的行业供应链,建立基于家居供应链企业间信息共享关键影响因素理论模型,通过实证方法来寻找影响供应链企业间信息共享的关键因素及其具体影响程度。 在已有文献的基础上,本文提出信任、共同愿景、信息技术能力、渠道权力结构与信息共享间影响关系的概念模型,并对长三角及珠三角地区家居供应链经销商企业进行问卷调查研究。最后在回收的 164 份有效问卷基础上通过数据分析来验证假设。研究结果显示:(1)不论是家居工厂与经销商间还是家居卖场与经销商间,信任对共享信息的内容和质量都有显著正向影响。(2)家居工厂与经销商间的共同愿景对彼此间信息共享内容有显著正向影响作用,但对信息共享质量作用不明显。而家居卖场与经销商间的共同愿景对信息共享的内容和质量都有正向影响作用。(3)经销商的信息技术能力对双方间信息共享的内容和质量都有显著影响,同时,还能促进家居工厂与经销商之间的信任,间接影响双方的信息共享程度。(4) 家居卖场与经销商间的渠道权力对双方间的信任程度有显著影响,而对双方间的信息共享没有直接影响。 本研究主要研究贡献在于:发现影响家居供应链信息共享的关键因素,弥补了现有文献对中国供应链企业信息共享影响因素研究的不足,特别聚焦于家居供应链;从供应链上下游整体角度出发,探讨了中国情境下信任、共同愿景、信息技术能力和渠道权力结构与信息共享之间的作用机理。 Dissertation/Thesis

Yang, Yu, Gu, Bin, Chen, Xinlei, et al.
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One theoretical research topic in organizational economics is the information issues raised in different organizations. This has been extensively studied in last three decades. One common feature of these research is focusing on the asymmetric information among different agents within one organization. However, in reality, we usually face the following situation. A group of people within an organization are completely transparent to each other; however, their characters are not known by other organization members who are outside this group. In my dissertation, I try to study how this information sharing would affect the outcome of different organizations. I focus on …

Wu, Zhenhua, Friedenberg, Amanda, Manelli, Alejandro, et al.
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Customers today, are active participants in service experiences. They are more informed about product choices, their preferences and tend to actively influence customer and firm related outcomes. However, differences across customers become a significant challenge for firms trying to ensure that all customers have a `delightful' consumption experience. This dissertation studies customers as active participants in service experiences and considers three dimensions of customer participation -- in-role performance; extra-role performance-citizenship and elective behavior; and information sharing -- as its focal dependent variables. This study is grounded in services marketing, customer co-production and motivation literatures. The theoretical model proposes that customer …

Saxena, Shruti, Mokwa, Michael, Bitner, Mary Jo, et al.
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