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Anali Maughan Perry's Collection

A collection of scholarly work created by Anali Maughan Perry.

Anali Maughan Perry received her Master's degree in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona in 2005, and her Bachelor's of Music in Guitar Performance from Arizona State University in 2000. Prior to completing her master's degree, she worked as a library specialist at ASU Libraries for six years in the interlibrary loan department. Since 2006, she has been the Collections & Scholarly Communications Librarian at ASU Libraries.

Anali's research interests are: the application of personal productivity techniques and tools; scholarly communication, and copyright and intellectual property issues.

Purpose: In spring of 2007, Arizona State University Libraries held a focus group of selected faculty to discover their perceptions and use of electronic books (e-books) in their research and teaching. Methodology/approach: We employed the services of the Institute of Social Sciences Research to recruit and moderate the focus group. The following major themes were explored: 1) use of e-books as textbooks; 2) use of e-books for personal research; 3) comparison between e-books and print; 4) disciplinary differences in perceptions of e- books; and 5) motivators for future use. Findings: Overall, the focus group revealed that faculty had generally unsatisfactory ...

Perry, Anali, Carlock, Danielle, Arizona State University. ASU Library
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Videos are a useful and popular way to reach an audience—we all know videos that have gone viral online, garnering millions of views. However, the type of video that can compete with Old Spice commercials takes weeks to plan and produce, as well as a significant budget. Arizona State University (ASU) Libraries wanted to nd a sustainable way to share videos that would require minimal staff time to cre- ate and produce. With that goal in mind, “The Library Minute” was born. We initially envisioned a weekly newscast, but it has evolved into a successful and fun video series. Episodes ...

Perry, Anali, Arizona State University. ASU Library
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Increasing library involvement in journal hosting and publishing is an important topic for serialists. This installment of “The Balance Point” column presents articles that offer descriptions and analyses of the current state of ideas and activities related to libraries as publishers. Featured authors discuss the publishing and journal hosting tasks libraries can perform, programs and activities related to journal hosting, titles hosted, challenges, next steps and the benefits or drawbacks foreseen in the current paths of the libraries they represent.

Perry, Anali, Borchert, Carol Ann, Deliyannides, Timothy S., et al.
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