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Is local more sustainable in Phoenix, Arizona?

Abstract Our study calculates the estimated difference in water use, energy demands, and CO2 emissions of head lettuce associated with the production (land preparation and growing operations, chemical inputs, irrigation) and the transportation (diesel demand) to the Phoenix metro area from: 1) a local level, defined here as within Maricopa County, Arizona (AZ) and 2) from the central coast of California (CA) in Monterey County.

Our research results demonstrate that local lettuce is more resource intensive than non-local or regional produce. Production in Maricopa County has significantly higher (more than double) energy demands and emissions than Monterey County. Irrigation and chemical inputs are the greatest contributors to energy demand in Maric... (more)
Created Date 2012-05
Contributor Schoon, Briar (Author) / Talbot, Kathleen (Author) / Xiong, Angie (Author)
Series Course Project Report Series
Language English
Identifier Stock Number: SSEBE-CESEM-2012-CPR-003
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Collaborating Institutions School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE) / Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management
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