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Policy Brief: Transit-oriented Development Infill in Phoenix Can Reduce Future Transportation and Land Use Life-cycle Environmental Impacts

Abstract This policy brief has been superseded by publication of the results in the Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER), Volume 33, No. 4. DOI: 10.1177/0739456X13507485

Study Background: Researchers at ASU have determined that significant energy and environmental benefits are possible in the Phoenix metro area over the next 60 years from transit-oriented development along the current Valley Metro light rail line. The team evaluated infill densification outcomes when vacant lots and some dedicated surface parking lots are repurposed for residential development. Life cycle building (construction, use, and energy production) and transportation (manufacturing, operation, and energy production) changes were included and energy use and gre... (more)
Contributor Kimball, Mindy (Author) / Chester, Mikhail (Author) / Gino, Christopher (Author) / Reyna, Janet (Author)
Subject Transportation
Series Research Project Report Series
Identifier Stock Number: SSEBE-CESEM-2012-RPR-002 / DOI: 10.1177/0739456X13507485
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Collaborating Institutions School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE) / Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management
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