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Composing Hybrid Discrete Event System and Cellular Automata Models

Abstract Hybrid system models - those devised from two or more disparate sub-system
models - provide a number of benefits in terms of conceptualization, development, and
assessment of dynamical systems. The decomposition approach helps to formulate complex
interactions that are otherwise difficult or impractical to express. However, hybrid model de-
velopment and usage can introduce complexity that emerges from the composition itself. To
improve assurance of model correctness, sub-systems using disparate modeling formalisms
must be integrated above and beyond just the data and control level; their composition
must have model specification and simulation execution aspects as well. Poly-formalism
composition is one approach to composing models in this... (more)
Created Date 2009-08
Contributor Mayer, G. R. (Author)
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  Mayer PhD dissertation 2009
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