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Social Assessment Workshops

Abstract The information contained in this folder includes data gathered as part of the "Factory Food Workshops". A total three workshops brought together groups of about 8 to 10 participants each and asked them to discuss the possible future implications of cultured meat. At the end of the three-hour session, participants were asked to summarize their thoughts and opinions in a questionnaire. This collection contains both the notes from the workshops and the participant responses.
Created Date 2013-04
Contributor Mattick, Carolyn (Researcher)
Subject Technology assessment / Sustainable engineering
Series Social Assessment
Type Dataset
Language English
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Citation Mattick, C. S., Wetmore, J. M., Allenby, B. R., & Landis, A. E. (2013). Social assessment workshops [Dataset]. Retrieved from the ASU Digital Repository:
Note Gaps in participant responses are the result of participants not returning the questionnaire or simply fewer participants than available questionnaires. Some participants chose to type up their responses and submit them to the researchers via email.
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  Participant W1-1.docx
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  Transcribed response W1-2.doc
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  Participant W1-4.pdf
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  Transcribed response W1-4.doc
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  Participant W1-5.pdf
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  Transcribed response W1-5.doc
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  Transcribed response W1-6.doc
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  Participant W1-7.pdf
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  Transcribed response W1-7.doc
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  Transcribed response W1-9.doc
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  Participant W1-10.docx
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  Transcribed response W1-10.doc
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  Workshop 1 Notes 2013-03-22.docx
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  Participant W2-1.pdf
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  Transcribed Response W2-1.doc
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  Participant W2-2.pdf
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  Transcribed Response W2-2.doc
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  Transcribed Response W2-3.doc
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  Transcribed Response W2-5.doc
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  Participant W2-8.pdf
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  Transcribed Response W2-8.doc
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  Workshop 2 Notes 2013-04-05.docx
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  Participant 3-1.doc
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  Participant W3-3.pdf
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  Transcribed response W3-3.doc
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  Participant W3-5.pdf
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  Transcribed response W3-5.doc
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  Transcribed response W3-7.doc
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  Participant 3-9.doc
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  Participant 3-10.doc
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  Participant 3-11.doc
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  Workshop 3 Notes 2013-04-19.docx
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