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Policy Brief: Developing Safer Alternatives to Conventional Plastics and Supporting the Use of Reusable Products Can Reduce Harm to Health and the Environment

Abstract Researchers at ASU have identified opportunities to reduce risk to human health and the environment by changing the composition and disposal practices of polymers. Although plastics have benefited society in innumerable ways, the resulting omnipresence of plastics in society has led to concerns about the hazards of constant, low-level exposure and the search for options for sustainable disposal.

The team used examples from public health and medicine-sectors that have particularly benefited from polymer applications, to highlight the benefits of using plastics in certain applications and to pinpoint opportunities for reducing risks from all plastics’ uses. These include phasing out polymers that contain components associated with negative h... (more)
Contributor North, Emily (Author) / Halden, Rolf (Author) / Chester, Mikhail (Author) / Hurlbut, Benjamin (Author)
Subject Plastics / Bioplastics / Environment
Series Research Project Report Series
Identifier Stock Number: SSEBE-CESEM-2013-RPR-002
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Collaborating Institutions School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE) / Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management
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