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Saigoku Kidan 西国奇談

Description Woodblock Print
Created Date 1845
Contributor Tamenaga 為永, Shunsui 春水 (Author) / Kunisada II 二世国貞 (Illustrator)
Extent chapter 8, vol. 1/2, chapter 11, vol. 1/2
Identifier Local: The Melikian Collection L2011.008.016
Reuse Permissions All Rights Reserved
Note Author: Tamenaga Shunsui 為永春水 (1790-1843)
Note Illustrator: Kunisada II (Toyokuni) 二世国貞 (豊國)
Note Size: 4 ½ x 6 15/16 in.
Note Strange Stories From the Western Country (English translation of title).
Note This is a rare woodblock print about which little has been written. Its author, Tamenaga Shunsui, was the most prominent writer of the genre ninjōbon, or sentimental books which were popular in the 19th-century.(1) Shunsui is especially known for Spring-Color Plum Calendar, a highly romantic tale typical of ninjōbon. It featured a dramatic love story and detailed characterization, and showcases the best of Shunsui’s writing style. Knowing this, Saigoku Kidan is probably a romanatic tale. In all probability, the story told by these prints features idealized male and female counterparts (such as those depicted on the front covers), but is probably less sentimental in character than other works by Shunsui. In this spread, a character, possibly... (more)
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