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Kashiragaki zōho kinmō zui taisei 頭書増補訓蒙圖彙大成

Description Woodblock printed
Created Date 1789
Contributor Nakamura 中村, Tekisai 惕斎 (Author) / Shimokawabe 下河邉, Shūsui 拾水 (Illustrator) / Kyoto: Kyūseidō 京都:九皐堂 (Publisher)
Extent 64 pages
Language Japanese
Identifier Local: The Melikian Collection L2011.008.007
Reuse Permissions All Rights Reserved
Note Author: Nakamura Tekisai 中村惕斎(1629-1702)
Note The first edition was published in 1666 [Kanbun 6] with the title Kinmō zui訓蒙圖彙. In 1695 [Genroku 8], the enlarged edition with headnotes, Kashiragaki zōho kinmō zui 頭書増補訓蒙圖彙, was published. The complete collection, Kashiragaki zōho kinmō zui taisei 頭書増補訓蒙圖彙大成” was first published in 1789 (Kansei 1).
Note 58 pages with illustrations
Size: 8 7/8 in x 6 1/4 in.
Note Kashiragaki zōho kinmō zui taisei頭書増補訓蒙圖彙大成 is an illustrated encyclopedia composed of 21 volumes. Each volume covers a certain subject, such as astronomy, geography, animals and plants. The kanji characters in the texts are augmented with ruby texts to help the readers with pronunciation. Kinmō 訓蒙 means to enlighten and educate children, women, and novices, and zui 圖彙 means a collection of illustrations.

Researcher: Momoko Welch

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