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WENO Simulations of AGN-jet Induced Star Formation

Abstract This project discusses simulation results of star formation by Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) jets using the WENO method. A typical AGN jet with velocity uj=0.3c, density ρj=10^(-2) H/cm3, and temperature Tj=10^(7) K was injected into a 425 light years square region. The jet passes through a stationary inhomogeneous ambient background of temperature Ta=5x10^4 K and density ρa= 2 H/cm^3 to test if AGN jets, by creating bow shocks propagating through the interstellar medium and molecular clouds, can form stars in the densest regions. According to the star formation criteria for gravitational collapse of Cen and Ostriker, the resulting simulations indicate the presence of star formation via AGN jets (1992). The parameters are tuned to match Cen... (more)
Created Date 2015-05
Contributor Findley, Christina Marie (Author) / Gardner, Carl (Thesis Director) / Scannapieco, Evan (Committee Member) / Barrett, The Honors College / School of Earth and Space Exploration / School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Subject Gas Dynamics / Astrophysical Fluid / WENO / AGN Jets / Euler Equations
Series Academic Year 2014-2015
Type Text
Extent 23 pages
Language English
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Collaborating Institutions Barrett, the Honors College
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