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Safe-to-Fail Adaptation Strategies for Phoenix-area Roadways Under Increasing Precipitation

Abstract Global climate models predict increases in precipitation events in the Phoenix-metropolitan area and with the proposition of more flooding new insights are needed for protecting roadways and the services they provide. Students from engineering, sustainability, and planning worked together in ASU’s Urban Infrastructure Anatomy Spring 2016 course to assess i) how historical floods changed roadway designs, ii) precipitation forecasts to mid-century, iii) the vulnerability of roadways to more frequent precipitation, iv) adaptation strategies focusing on safe-to-fail thinking, and v) strategies for overcoming institutional barriers to enable transitions. The students designed an EPA Storm Water Management Model for the City of Phoenix and forced... (more)
Contributor Al Rasbi, Omar (Author) / Archer, Harold (Author) / Azizi, Tariq Aziz (Author) / Bondank, Emily (Author) / Caccavale, Raymond (Author) / Nihal Rao, Chepyala (Author) / Eisenberg, Daniel (Author) / Elzomor, Mohamed (Author) / Gorman, Brandon (Author) / Kim, Yeoman (Author) / Klaas, Morgan (Author) / Koride, Siddartha (Author) / Krantz, David (Author) / Langlois, Cody (Author) / Mishra, Adyasha (Author) / Musili, Catherine (Author) / Muvva, Vijay (Author) / Nassar, Cara (Author) / Parikh, Among (Author) / Quintans, Christiane (Author) / Santiago, Rebecca (Author) / Schattnick, Kelsey (Author) / Shah, Karan (Author) / Shinn, Allison (Author) / Sifferman, Steven (Author) / Slaymaker, Alexandra (Author) / Soneji, Parth (Author) / Taege, Leslie (Author) / Thomas, Christopher (Author) / Velez, Daniel (Author) / Wang, Kezhen (Author) / Zhang, Xiao (Author) / Chester, Mikhail (Instructor)
Identifier Stock Number: ASU-SSEBE-CESEM-2016-CPR-001
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Collaborating Institutions School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE) / Center for Earth Systems Engineering and Management
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