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Registered replication report: Rand, Greene, & Nowak

Abstract In an anonymous 4-person economic game, participants contributed more money to a common project (i.e., cooperated) when required to decide quickly than when forced to delay their decision (Rand, Greene & Nowak, 2012), a pattern consistent with the social heuristics hypothesis proposed by Rand and colleagues. The results of studies using time pressure have been mixed, with some replication attempts observing similar patterns (e.g., Rand et al., 2014) and others observing null effects (e.g., Tinghög et al., 2013; Verkoeijen & Bouwmeester, 2014). This Registered Replication Report (RRR) assessed the size and variability of the effect of time pressure on cooperative decisions by combining 21 separate, preregistered replications of the c... (more)
Created Date 2017-03-01
Contributor Bouwmeester, S. (Proposing Author) / Verkoeijen, P.P.J.L. (Proposing Author) / Aczel, B. / Barbosa, F. / Begue, L. / Branas-Garza, P. / Chmura, T.G.H. / Cornelissen, G. / Dossing, F.S. / Espin, A.M. / Evans, A.M. / Ferreira-Santos, F. / Fieldler, S. / Flegr, J. / Ghaffari, M. / Gloeckner, A. / Goeschl, T. / Guo, L. / Hauser, O.P. / Hernan-Gonzalez, R. / Herrero, A. / Horne, Z. / Houdek, P. / Johannesson, M. / Koppel, L. / Kujal, P. / Laine, T. / Lohse, J. / Martins, E.C. / Mauro, C. / Mischkowski, D. / Mukherjee, S. / Myrseth, K.O.R. / Navarro-Martinez, D. / Neal, T.M.S. / Novakova, J. / Paga, R. / Paiva, T.O. / Palfi, B. / Piovesan, M. / Rahal, R.-M. / Salomon, E. / Srinivasan, N. / Srivastava, A. / Szaszi, B. / Szollosi, A. / Thor, K.O. / Tinghog, G. / Trueblood, J.S. / Van Bavel, J.J. / van ' t Veer, A.E. / Vastfjall, D. / Warner, M. / Wengstrom, E. / Wills, J. / Wollbrant, C.E.
Subject cooperation / social heuristic hypothesis / decision making / economic games / social psychology / replication
Series Association for Psychological Science Registered Replication Report Initiative
Type Text, Dataset
Language English
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Citation S. Bouwmeester, P. P. J. L. Verkoeijen, B. Aczel, F. Barbosa, L. Bègue, P. Brañas-Garza, T. G. H. Chmura, G. Cornelissen, F. S. Døssing, A. M. Espín, A. M. Evans, F. Ferreira-Santos, S. Fiedler, J. Flegr, M. Ghaffari, A. Glöckner, T. Goeschl, L. Guo, O. P. Hauser, R. Hernan-Gonzalez, A. Herrero, Z. Horne, P. Houdek, M. Johannesson, L. Koppel, P. Kujal, T. Laine, J. Lohse, E. C. Martins, C. Mauro, D. Mischkowski, S. Mukherjee, K. O. R. Myrseth, D. Navarro-Martínez, T. M. S. Neal, J. Novakova, R. Pagà, T. O. Paiva, B. Palfi, M. Piovesan, R.-M. Rahal, E. Salomon, N. Srinivasan, A. Srivastava, B. Szaszi, A. Szollosi, K. Ø. Thor, G. Tinghög, J. S. Trueblood, J. J. Van Bavel, A. E. van ‘t Veer, D. Västfjäll, M. Warner, E. Wengström, J. Wills, C. E. Wollbrant. (2017). Registered replication report: Rand, Greene, & Nowak (2012). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 12, 527-542. doi: 10.1177/1745691617693624
Note Multilab direct replication of: Study 7 from Rand, D. G., Greene, J. D., & Nowak, M. A. (2012). Spontaneous giving and calculated greed. Nature, 489, 427–430.

Protocol vetted by: David Rand

Protocol and manuscript edited by: Daniel Simons
Note Thanks to the American Psychological Society (APS) and the Arnold Foundation who provided funding to participating laboratories to defray the costs of running the study. Thanks to David Rand for providing materials and helping to ensure the accuracy of the protocol. Thanks to Edison Choe for coding the analysis scripts and to Courtney Soderberg at the Center for Open Science for verifying their accuracy.
Note Full protocol, dataset, analysis scripts, materials from participating labs, and preregistration materials are available on the Open Science Framework -
Collaborating Institutions New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
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