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Detection and characterization of singly deuterated silylene, SiHD, via optical spectroscopy

Abstract Singly deuterated silylene has been detected and characterized in the gas-phase using high-resolution, two-dimensional, optical spectroscopy. Rotationally resolved lines in the 0[0 over 0][˜ over X][superscript 1]A′ → [˜ over A][superscript 1]A′′000X˜1A′→A˜1A″ band are assigned to both c-type perpendicular transition and additional parallel, axis-switching induced bands. The extracted rotational constants were combined with those for SiH[subscript 2] and SiD[subscript 2] to determine an improved equilibrium bond length, r[subscript SiH], and bond angle, θ, of 1.5137 ± 0.0003 Å and 92.04° ± 0.05°, and 1.4853 ± 0.0005 Å and 122.48° ± 0.08° for the [˜ over X][superscript 1]A′(0, 0, 0) and [˜ over A][superscript 1]A″(0, 0, 0) state respectively... (more)
Created Date 2016-06-27
Contributor Kokkin, Damian (ASU author) / Ma, Tongmei (ASU author) / Steimle, Timothy (ASU author) / Sears, Trevor J. (Author) / College of Liberal Arts and Sciences / School of Molecular Sciences
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Extent 14 pages
Language English
Identifier DOI: 10.1063/1.4954702 / ISSN: 1833-3672 / ISSN: 1839-3527
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Citation Kokkin, D. L., Ma, T., Steimle, T., & Sears, T. J. (2016). Detection and characterization of singly deuterated silylene, SiHD, via optical spectroscopy. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(24), 244304. doi:10.1063/1.4954702
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