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Glick, Milton

Abstract Dr. Milton Glick grew up wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a jeweler. However, his father had other plans for him and insisted that he attend college. Milt received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Augustana College in his hometown of Rock Island, IL. He went on to receive his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He spent 2 years as a Post-Doctoral student at Cornell University before joining the faculty of Wayne State University. From there, he went to serve as Dean at the University of Missouri and then Provost at Iowa State University, serving as interim President in his final year. In 1991 he joined the administration of ASU as Provost and remained here for 15 years. He spent almost... (more)
Table of Contents 1. Introduction @ 00:00:45
2. Early Years @ 00:01:15
3. ASU when he first arrived @ 00:05:50
a. Raising the standard for admission through recruitment @ 00:07:15
4. Quality of the Faculty @ 00:10:00
5. Personal Reflections on his early career @ 00:13:35
6. Faculty Governance @ 00:17:45
7. Growth – Buildings/Facilities @ 00:21:24
a. Evolution of Mill Avenue; integration of the University into Downtown Tempe; Tempe Town Lake @ 00:23:28
b. Biggest Mistake @ Not building Cardinal Stadium on campus – 00:25:00
c. Resort style resident halls @ 00:25:52
d. Computing Commons and the Law Library @ 00:26:28
e. His office space @ 00:27:25
f. Tempe Center @ 00:28:35
8. Future of Higher Education and Change @ 00:29:30
a. Technology – What... (more)
Created Date 2010-03-06
Contributor Jones, Ruth (Interviewer) / Arizona State University Retirees Association (Producer)
Subject People / Crow, Michael / Conflicts promoting ASU / Arizona Board of Regents / Buildings / Law Library / Community / Mill Avenue / Cardinal Stadium
Series Position, Provost
Type Moving Image
Extent 68 minutes
Language English
Reuse Permissions All Rights Reserved
Citation Glick, Milton. Interview. 06 Mar. 2010. ASURA Video History Project. (c) Arizona Board of Regents.
Note Linda Van Scoy, Editor; John McIntosh, Video; David Scheatzle, Audio; Linda Van Scoy, Chair Video History Project.
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  Milton Glick interview, 2010
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