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T-Cell Immunogenicity and Dysfunction in Cancer and Viral Diseases

Abstract CD8+ T-lymphocytes (CTLs) are central to the immunologic control of infections and are currently at the forefront of strategies that enhance immune based treatment of a variety of tumors. Effective T-cell based vaccines and immunotherapies fundamentally rely on the interaction of CTLs with peptide-human leukocyte antigen class I (HLA-I) complexes on the infected/malignant cell surface. However, how CTLs are able to respond to antigenic peptides with high specificity is largely unknown. Also unknown, are the different mechanisms underlying tumor immune evasion from CTL-mediated cytotoxicity. In this dissertation, I investigate the immunogenicity and dysfunction of CTLs for the development of novel T-cell therapies. Project 1 explores the bio... (more)
Created Date 2017
Contributor Krishna, Sri (Author) / Anderson, Karen S (Advisor) / LaBaer, Joshua (Committee member) / Jacobs, Bertram L (Committee member) / Lake, Douglas F (Committee member) / Arizona State University (Publisher)
Subject Immunology / Oncology / Virology / Cancer Immunotherapy / CD8+ T-cell Epitopes / Head and Neck Cancer / HPV / Self/Non-self / T-cell Exhaustion
Type Doctoral Dissertation
Extent 183 pages
Language English
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Note Doctoral Dissertation Biological Design 2017
Collaborating Institutions Graduate College / ASU Library
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